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April 18, 2017

Gordon Hayward

Joe Ingles

Los Angeles, California: Game Two

Clippers - 99, Jazz - 91

Q. Gordon, obviously they were much more effective in the paint tonight and I know you guys are dealing with Rudy's absence. How do you combat that going forward?
GORDON HAYWARD: I think we've got to be better executing our game plan. Especially there in the first quarter, it seemed like he got a lot of stuff right there at the rim, easy dunks, lobs, and some of that's what they do. They're good at it. They're a good team. But we for sure have to be better. I think we will be.

Q. Gordon, it could have been 2-0 but coming out of here 1-1, what's your thought about where the series is?
GORDON HAYWARD: Yeah, I mean, a little frustrating game tonight for us. Felt like we didn't -- we feel like we didn't play our best basketball, and we still were -- we hung around and we hung around. Besides the first quarter there, I felt like we did all right.

But we got the Game 1, so go home, figure out what we did wrong, be ready for Game 3. I think we'll be excited to play in front of our home fans for sure.

Q. Joe, the Clippers' shooting guards, J.J., Jamal, 0 for 7 from three today and they only made one three combined Saturday night. How have you been able to maintain that effectiveness on the defensive end out on the perimeter, and how do you feel like you can sustain that going forward in the series?
JOE INGLES: Just try and limit them. Obviously they have a lot of -- have a few sets for them to give them good looks. They execute pretty well with the screeners, with D.J. and Blake. Try and make it as tough as possible, contest their shots, and obviously a lot of help from these other guys. Our bigs are sometimes out there and helping me, and obviously G and other guys on the court are all starting down and shifting, as well.

Yeah, just make it as tough as possible, and yeah, it's obviously kind of helped us a little bit, but when you stay on them, they can get hot pretty quickly.

Q. Gordon, offensively how would you assess your game tonight and anything you need to do to shake Mbah a Moute?
GORDON HAYWARD: I thought I shot the ball decently well from three, missed way too many twos, probably some tough ones tonight. I feel like I could have gotten maybe better looks. But they do a good job of trying to corral our ball handlers into their bigs and force you into tough shots. I think we need to try to get better looks, and we got some open ones tonight, we just didn't knock them down. But definitely, definitely I can help facilitate pour, playmake a little bit better to get us some better looks.

Q. Throughout the regular season series and now in the first two games you guys have been beaten out of the gate, so to speak, early in the games. Why did that happen tonight, and what do you need to do in the future to work on that?
GORDON HAYWARD: Yeah, like I said, tonight the first quarter is what really got us, and they hit us a little bit, set us back in Game 1, as well. We'll have to figure that out. I don't know if -- I mean, obviously it's something that they're trying to come out and be really aggressive, and tonight it seemed like they did a good job of, like I said, getting DeAndre going. But we definitely have to be better in the first quarter, but besides the first quarter we played them pretty even. We need to figure that out.

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