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April 18, 2017

Lucas Pouille

Monte Carlo, Monaco

L. POUILLE/R. Harrison

6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. Are you happy with your victory? What are your impressions?
LUCAS POUILLE: Very happy. It was a good start for the tournament, very solid. From the beginning to the end, I played well, except for one game where I got broken back. Other than that, I'm very happy with this first round.

Q. After Davis Cup, you are on a good streak.
LUCAS POUILLE: Well, a streak needs to be longer than that, but I'm happy. I'm happy with my performance. We'll see what happens now, if this can create a streak.

Q. You were talking about a solid match. Indeed, you were able to finish off the points in a few shots. You were taking risks, but not too many.
LUCAS POUILLE: In the beginning of the match, I didn't do anything special. I didn't hit many winners. I was just waiting for him to miss. I was getting used to the court.

Little by little, I was able to hit harder, especially my forehand, and playing some dropshots. I'm really happy with what I did tactically today.

Q. Yesterday Jo made an announcement, writing on a piece of paper. What is your reaction to that? Is it positive?
LUCAS POUILLE: It's very positive. I'm very happy to see he's saying that. It proves that he loves the French Davis Cup team. He always was very loyal to our team.

After Bercy last year, he did say that this year, it would be difficult for him to be on the team. Because of the birth of his first child, he wouldn't be able to come on a regular basis. But after thinking about it, he said he would be able to be with us after the birth.

I'm very happy with what he said yesterday. I hope we are going to be able to prepare all together the best way possible for the semifinal.

Q. There are many expectations on you in the beginning of this season because you played well at the US Open, making the quarterfinals, after beating Nadal in the round of 16. Does that put pressure on you?
LUCAS POUILLE: Of course, there are more expectations now. But, as I often say, it is positive. It would be worried if it wasn't the case. It's better like this than being top 100 with no one expecting anything from you.

When you have good results, people expect things from you, which is normal. I think it's very good. I try to see it in a positive light.

Q. At the end of last season, you were wanting to change your racquet. In fact, you're still playing with the same racquet. Why is that so?
LUCAS POUILLE: It was tough after such a good year to change racquets. I tried to do that. We didn't know at the time what the Prince company was going to do. I tried all the brands of racquets I could try. Among them, some were good. One I liked very much.

I would have needed one or two months to get used to it. I didn't have time for that, so I decided to keep my old racquet, to keep it for the whole year, this year.

Q. Are you sure they're still making that racquet?
LUCAS POUILLE: Yes, I'm sure. I signed with Prince again. I hope they're going to continue to make it. Normally they're on the right track for that.

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