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April 18, 2017

Benoit Paire

Monte Carlo, Monaco

T. HAAS/B. Paire

6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in French, please.

Q. You were a bit nervous and angry after that match.
BENOIT PAIRE: No, I was pretty calm after such a match. It's a pity to play like this.

But this can happen in a season. I was able to make it to the semifinals last week. After that I didn't sleep well. Two weeks ago I was in the final, too. I played a lot.

I was feeling good. On the court today I wasn't able to play. It was a pity.

Q. What do you think of Tommy Haas? Are you surprised by his game at his age?
BENOIT PAIRE: No, I'm not surprised. I played him in Australia. Today, if I had been able to play well, I wouldn't have lost.

I see he's maybe 40 years old, but even against a player of 70 years I would have lost today because I wasn't able to play at all. I'm just sad for myself. It's good for him that he won.

Q. You didn't feel well today?
BENOIT PAIRE: I had a bit of pain everywhere. I was tired. I traveled. I didn't sleep well. I played doubles yesterday when I arrived. I arrived at 11:00 and played my doubles immediately after, so I was tired.

I'm just disappointed because I was playing well during practice. I was really hitting well this morning during the warmup. I was up a game, Love-30. After that, I wasn't able to play anymore.

Q. So what do you think?
BENOIT PAIRE: Well, it's just a non-match, no match at all. I'm disappointed. But it's also part of the game. I just need to think about something else and remember that I made it to the semifinals three times this year, I played well in Australia, had a good beginning of the season.

I had to take a plane at 7:00 in the morning to come here. The plane was two hours late. When I arrived here, I had to play immediately.

Q. Do you regret you played doubles yesterday?
BENOIT PAIRE: No, I'm very happy I played doubles.

You know, for today, there's not really an explanation. I'm hitting the ball well in practice. I was hitting well last week, too. Apart from my match against Kohlschreiber, I was playing tennis well. I just need to forget this match.

Q. Do you believe your match against Kohlschreiber in Marrakesh affected you?
BENOIT PAIRE: No, because even this morning, when I was warming up, I was hitting extremely well. When I started the match, it was difficult for me from the start. There's no particular explanation I think. It's just a missed opportunity. I just need now to think about Barcelona. I can play well there.

Q. Do you remember another missed match like this?
BENOIT PAIRE: I had many of them last year, but these matches were due to the stress, to the pressure. Here it was different. Maybe when I was nine years old I missed as many balls as I did today.

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