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April 15, 2017

Gordon Hayward

Joe Johnson

Los Angeles, California: Game One

Jazz - 97, Clippers - 95

Q. When Gobert went down, did that motivate the team or was that really not a factor?
JOE JOHNSON: I think it was very motivating considering the fact that he's a big part of what we do, especially defensively. You know, I think we felt and knew that a lot of people probably were counting us out when he went down, but man, we stuck together, fought hard for 48 minutes, we had ups and downs, but at the end of the day we came out with a win.

Q. The value of going without a time-out in that situation in a tie game, 11 or so seconds left, do you prefer the preparation or do you just prefer the improvisation?
GORDON HAYWARD: I think we just wanted to have it where they couldn't set up on us. They're a good defensive team, especially when they can lock in and set up. They've got long, athletic players. They do a lot of switching. And so we wanted just to get it and go and let this man go to work. It's been -- stuff he's been doing for a long time, so we just wanted to not let them set up.

JOE JOHNSON: Honestly I was supposed to take the ball out, but I think Fave just kind of took the ball out and I was open, and I seen George coming, trying to get the ball with CP was chasing him, so I just brought the ball up, and I remember Joe Ingles setting a pick, got Jamal Crawford on me, and I just seen the clock doing down so I knew I had to make a play, I just wanted to get as close as I could to the basket, and it was a good thing it went down.

Q. There was such a battle all during the regular season about getting home court between you and the Clippers and now you took it away, just like that. The significance of winning here in the first game?
GORDON HAYWARD: Yeah, we talked about it in preparation about going in and trying to steal a game on the road, and so that's why I think it was a big win for us. We know it's just one step, and we've got to be ready for the next games, but it's something that we definitely discussed during preparation was coming in and trying to play well.

Q. Joe, I saw a stat, you have eight buzzer beaters in the last decade, more than anybody else, more than LeBron. What is your secret to I guess the last-second shot at the buzzer?
JOE JOHNSON: Just being patient, man. In those moments of the game, guys are not going to help. It's kind of like you're on an island by yourself and they expect for you to get that stop. Nobody wants to man the score, so I just try to be patient, get to a sweet spot, and make the right play.

Q. Coming in, the Clippers preached pace and getting out in transition. Did you guys play at the pace you wanted it tonight?
GORDON HAYWARD: For the most part we tried to keep them out of transition. They're really good in transition, especially when they get guys like Blake stealing and makes you cross-match, and it's tough to defend. He's pretty versatile, and he brings it, too, so we wanted to have everybody get back and allow our defense to set up.

Q. Gordon, Joe is one of the few players on your team with a ton of playoff experience; how much did he prepare you guys for this, and obviously how much did it pay off in this game?
GORDON HAYWARD: Yeah. You know, all three of the vets that we added this year have been instrumental to our success. They all have their strengths that help us. Joe has been tremendous. The preparation that we had going in, he talked about visualizing yourself out there, and along with the other two guys, really helped prepare us because, like you said, we're pretty inexperienced as far as the Playoffs are concerned, so he's a guy that I've learned a lot from this year, the patience he talks about, and you know, like I said, he's been unbelievable with his versatility, the role that he's played. So we lean on him a lot.

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