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April 15, 2017

Doc Rivers

Los Angeles, California: Game One

Jazz - 97, Clippers - 95

Q. You guys always talk about how tough these playoff series are. Is this an example of how tough it is, and now you have this, the first game at home?
DOC RIVERS: Yeah, you lose the first game, and obviously you want to win all your home games. We fought until the end of the year to give it, now we've given it right back.

It's Game 1. I thought give them credit. I thought they played well under adverse conditions with Gobert going down. In some ways that helped them. They got small and stretched the floor, which hurt us a little bit, and we didn't play great. We really didn't, offensively or defensively.

Q. When Chris has a lane to the basket and he goes for a quick two, it sets up the opportunity. What's the philosophy there? Do you wait and say wave off an easy attack at the basket? In other words, he could have held up and tried to run the clock down to the final -- when you were down two.
DOC RIVERS: Who would do that? Why would you ever do that?

Q. Maybe to five seconds --
DOC RIVERS: If he misses it, the game is over. That makes no sense.

Q. I'm just asking.
DOC RIVERS: That is like the dumbest thing I've ever heard. When you're down two, you try to score. You don't wait.

Q. Do you rely on defense?
DOC RIVERS: No, you score.

Q. As quickly as you can --
DOC RIVERS: If you can score in one second, you do. You always do that. And if you can find another coach to tell you different, I want to meet him.

Q. What was the difference in the way Utah defended Blake Griffin in the second --
DOC RIVERS: You know, listen. I don't know if they made any adjustments, honestly. I thought they were more physical all game, not on Blake, really on our team. I thought Joe Ingles had a great defensive game tonight. You look at his numbers offensively, they don't look that great, but he was -- I thought he was a difference maker. Obviously Joe Johnson offensively was a difference maker. I just thought if you had to say who was the more physical team tonight, I would say they were.

I thought we were, too; it was a physical game. And I thought that's what happened in the second half. You know, I didn't think we did a great job spacing for Blake. I thought our spacing, we used two timeouts to talk about it, but they did a good job of helping, but I didn't think our space was very good because when Blake drives and there's that many hands in there, that tells you we're not spaced right, so we have to do a better job there.

Q. Although it's a loss, are there any positives you can take away from this game?
DOC RIVERS: Not really. I mean, there are. There will be a ton when I watch the film tonight. There will be a lot of good things that you saw that you like. I just thought even though it was a low-scoring game and it probably will be, I just thought they scored easier than I would like, and that's just my visual watching the game. I haven't watched it again yet, so that's what I would say.

Q. I know that you made a big thing about technical fouls and then D.J. getting one kind of late in the game, how much do little things like that kind of compound?
DOC RIVERS: Yeah, they do. I mean, we have the rule no fourth quarter techs, and he got one. It makes a difference. They really do. Again, like our emotions and our frustration, that's got to be something we have to control. You know, it didn't make a huge difference, but it could have for sure.

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