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April 15, 2017

Quin Snyder

Los Angeles, California: Game One

Jazz - 97, Clippers - 95

Q. Coach, I remember a loss to Oklahoma City earlier in the season where Joe had the ball and you called a time-out to set up a play. Tonight Joe had the ball. You didn't call a time-out. What was the change of philosophy? Was it just something kind of going with your gut?
QUIN SNYDER: Well, you know, when Joe makes the shot, it always makes the coach look smart. We wanted to go ahead and go because we knew we could get the last shot. There's something to be said for calling time-out and there's something to be said for not calling the time-out. We wanted the ball to go to Joe, in his hands, and we got a switch, and like he said, there's a lot of ways to cut that. There's nothing we did that was creative or smart, we just decided to play it that way, and what we did is we had a player that made a play, and that's usually what it comes down to.

Q. Winning this game with the injury so early to such an important player, what does that do to your team's belief system?
QUIN SNYDER: Well, I think it probably cuts two ways. I mean, I think we should feel that we can win without Rudy. At the same time, it's a long series, and we have to be resilient and continue to believe in that. That's what we need to do, and obviously tonight was a big win for our group. We're not sure what the situation is with Rudy yet. It would be nice to get him back, obviously. Unfortunate for him as much as anyone if he can't come back because I know how much he was looking forward to competing. But we'll find out.

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