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April 16, 2017

Damian Lillard

CJ McCollum

Oakland, California: Game One

Trail Blazers - 109, Warriors - 121

Q. You guys had that massive first half. What did the Warriors do in the second half to make things more difficult for you?
CJ McCOLLUM: I think defensively they stepped up the pressure. Had a couple offensive rebounds, and their 15-2 run they had the kickout threes and the and one, and Ian Clark got a putback. They did a good job. They protected their homecourt. Took advantage of some plays, some turnovers, some run-outs. I think that was the difference.

Q. Question for either of you gentlemen, how much do you think it's going to come down to someone else being able to step up? As well as you guys played had maybe a third member of your team picked up the load for you guys a little bit?
DAMIAN LILLARD: I think that's going to be huge. I thought myself and CJ played good games tonight, and I thought as a group we really defended well. Guys were communicating and playing physical. I thought we executed our scouting report on the defensive end, and I thought guys stepped up as well on the offensive end.

Evan Turner had a good game. I felt like Mo played a good game. But it's a matter of us two making more of those plays. Hitting guys on the weak side and giving them more opportunity. I think to beat the Warriors, we're going to have to maybe make that extra pass more often and be able to depend on guys more often to allow them to have that type of success so we can actually beat them.

You know, we have a huge game, and I think that gives us an opportunity to stay in the game. But to get over that hump and beat them, we've got to make those plays and give guys more opportunities so we can have them as well on the offensive end.

Q. Couple players in your locker room suggested the Warriors were maybe a little more physical in the second half. Did that change at all? Did the game get more physical do you think in the second half at all?
DAMIAN LILLARD: Yeah, I thought they played more physical on the defensive end. In the Playoffs, the more aggressive team, they're going to win more times than not. They're going to get the benefit of the doubt on the whistle. And there were some plays where they did one thing on defense and got away with it, and we did the same thing and didn't get away with it. I think that was because we weren't as aggressive as they were to start the half. It worked in their favor.

So they definitely turned up the physicality and their intensity on that end of the floor.

Q. CJ, how were you able to get off to such a great start tonight? I know you guys have talked a lot throughout the season of taking turns and letting one guy go when he's really on, so how were you able to get off to such a great start? Was that something you set your mind to? And also for both of you, the trash talk tonight. Draymond had mentioned, CJ, you told him to do some calf raises. Just the nature of the discussion on the court tonight?
CJ McCOLLUM: Yeah, he does need to do some calf raises so he can dunk. But I think we did a good job as a team moving the ball. Dave set some great screens for me out there so I was able to get to the freethrow line early. Dam hit me with some (inaudible), and I just tried to be aggressive on the trap.

I had a little mini vacation at the end of the season where I was able to not play in some games and just work out and work on some certain spots and just lift. Take advantage of those rest days. Knowing when to come out, be aggressive and play hard ask give ourselves a chance.

Yeah, it's a game. It's a game we all love. We come out here, represent our teams, representing our hometowns where everybody's from. And where I'm from, if you talk trash, then I'm going to talk trash to you. It's not disrespectful. We're not talking about nobody's mamas or nothing bad.

But I've known Draymond Green since he was at Michigan State. He was a little chubbier than at Michigan State. He's done really well with himself. He's worked hard. If I have something I want to say, I'm going to say it. (Indiscernible).

Q. Damian, what's it like playing against Draymond Green? Does his trash talking and play raise the level of the game or is it just business as usual playing against him?
DAMIAN LILLARD: I mean, I think having a guy like that on the floor, I think it raises the level of the game. Because I don't even talk trash, and he was saying so much out there that I had a whole lot to say tonight. I think that's just good for the game.

I think the league has softened up a lot, and it's not like that. So you've got to have a rough guy like him out there. I think it's necessary. I think their team depends on him to be had that dog out there and to be that person.

For me, it's just going to make me raise the level of my game because I take it as a challenge. Also, like CJ said, I'm going to take exception to it, and I'm going to say something back. That's what it's going to be, as long as that's how he's approaching it, it's going to be coming right back.

Q. CJ, when they made their run early fourth quarter, they had a couple plays like diving for that loose ball on the floor and Draymond recovering for a block. Did you feel like they were making the hustle plays during that stint? As the underdog, is that a key for you guys to not let that happen?
DAMIAN LILLARD: I mean, we had guys on the floor too, multiple guys.

CJ McCOLLUM: Our guys ended up with the ball too. It's what happens in the game. They were fortunate they got some good rolls some good bounces. They got one that ricochetted off JaVale McGee. That happens sometimes and we have to prevent that. (Inaudible) and not give up. Our guys brought it and played as hard as they could.

Q. How much more difficult is it having Kevin Durant at their offensive attack? Maybe you can shut down Curry and Thompson for a while and all of a sudden here comes K.D. at the end of the game hitting some pretty dagger shots?
DAMIAN LILLARD: I mean, he makes up the difference for them. I think you try to hold Klay and Steph down, make them take tough shots and make the game harder for them, and you know you're in a close game and you're going back and forth. Then you add Kevin Durant, guys who has been an MVP in this league, and that's a hell of an option to have, especially in a game like tonight.

Even the shots that he made, I thought guys defended him well. He made contested pull up jumpers. But that's why he is who he is.

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