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April 16, 2017

Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant

Oakland, California: Game One

Trail Blazers - 109, Warriors - 121

Q. Steph, this is both for you and K.D. You guys were both on the bench to start the fourth quarter when your teammates went on a 15-2 run. What did you guys see and how was the reaction on the bench just watching it?
STEPHEN CURRY: Everybody that steps on the floor is going to have an impact on the game. And that unit that's out there, that was out there to start the fourth quarter with D. West, Draymond, Klay, Andre and Ian, they hang their hats on the defensive end to try to create momentum and they did that, got the crowd into it and we were off to the races the rest of the quarter. So got to do it by committee at times, and they did that.

Q. Steph, you know how much fire power they have, McCollum and Lillard. What's it like when they're scoring like that? Obviously they're making some tough shots. Do you have to resist trying to answer it back or do you say I want to answer it back? What's the energy like when those guys are attacking you like that?
STEPHEN CURRY: They're talented players, so they're going to make some tough shots. They're going to try to force the issue, and you've just got to stay solid. Understand that it's a long game, and you try to wear them down. But it doesn't affect how we play on the other end. We know how we execute what our bread and butter is at the other end of the floor, and we've got to rely on that and not to get into that one-on-one battle at all. We've still got to stay aggressive and just try to make plays. Over the course of the series, that will show.

Q. You had the three warm-up games heading into the Playoffs and played a game tonight. Did you feel 100% not only physically but in terms of 100% into the rhythm of the game? I mean, is it feeling natural and comfortable for you now?
KEVIN DURANT: First I want to send my condolences to the Thomas family. Tragic news about Ed Thomas's sister. We're all praying for him. The NBA family is behind him. So I want to send my condolences out to the family.

But as far as my rhythm, it felt good. Playoff intensity was -- the game ratchets up when you get into the Playoffs, so it definitely felt good out there. I didn't worry about me not playing 20 games in the regular season. I just tried to go out there and be me. Physically I felt great. I felt the flow of the game. I knocked down some shots, and, yeah, so it felt great. I'm glad we got a tough W.

Q. McCollum and Lillard combined for 75 points at 109. So the rest of the team only scores 34. How critical was the fact that you guys were able to keep everybody else off the score sheet, basically?
STEPHEN CURRY: I mean, that's definitely a key to have everybody on a string. When they got it going, they're hitting tough shots in the first half, some of them you've just got to live with. We played great defense and they were just able to finish. But as we talked about, over the course of 48, you just try to wear them down. Maybe when you get the ball in your hands, everybody's rotating, flying around.

The way that Draymond protected the rim tonight was amazing. The way JaVale and D. West came in and impacted the game on the defensive end, that showed especially in that fourth quarter. So you can't get discouraged when they hit tough shots. But everything else around it has to be kind of flawless for us on the defensive end, and we figured it out.

Q. K.D., during the third quarter you had the trainer check on your back or feet. Is there something new or something concerning?
KEVIN DURANT: No, I'm cool.

Q. Every defensive stop is valuable, but Kevin when Draymond or JaVale comes up with a big block, what does that do for you and for the team?
KEVIN DURANT: I mean it's huge for us. Especially at home, the crowd feeds off of it, we feed off of it. When we get out in transition, that's when we're best. And JaVale, and Draymond, and D. West, like Steph said, we're grateful of protecting that rim, and being up on the pick-and-rolls, especially in the second half. We're going to need that for the rest of the series.

These guys are tough to guard, and the bigs, they're key especially when they run so many pick-and-rolls, and pin downs and flairs. It's good that we've got veteran guys who know how to play, but also are really good at communicating. So we're going to need everybody on the defensive end, like you said, on a string, and we'll be fine.

Q. Kevin, has it gotten to the point now where mentally and physically you're not thinking much about your injury?
KEVIN DURANT: No, I'm good. I felt great. Coming into the game, all game I felt good. I just tried to lock in on what we need to do with the game plan and just try to execute it. That's my main concern.

Q. What was it like playing in your first game with the Warriors after so many years playing with OKC? What was that like getting that first game out of the way, because you still have a long road ahead.
KEVIN DURANT: Well, it's like any game in the first round, I just try to worry about my match-up and worry about how I'm going to be aggressive within the offense. Just helping the guys out. So just following the game plan and everything else. You know, it's just a basketball game to me. So didn't feel any different. I just tried to lock in on what I needed to do to help the team win.

Q. Steph, what changed in the fourth quarter?
STEPHEN CURRY: In the fourth quarter, that unit that was out there to start the quarter got a lot of stops and got the crowd into it, got the momentum back on our side. Then after that down the stretch, K.D. made some amazing plays in iso situations, putting the pressure on the rim.

Obviously Draymond made a couple spectacular blocks, and we just controlled the tempo down the stretch. Kind of just played our game and stayed composed on every possession pretty much and won the game.

Q. Kevin, needed a couple buckets, you went to the post. How comfortable are you in that situation that we need a bucket, I'm just going to go get it, even though you guys do play a movement offense? Is that something like I always have that in my back pocket?
KEVIN DURANT: Yeah, I mean, we like to move the ball. We like to have not a lot of off the ball movement as well, and we don't like to hold. But if you've got that in your back pocket, that's always good to go to, I think. Not just me, Steph can get a basket whenever he wants. And I think having us two to create, whether it's a score or to get somebody else open, it's good to have when it's kind of bogged down with the physicality of the game, the movement off the ball.

It's hard to get free looks, especially in the Playoffs all game. So to sort of mix it up a little bit was definitely good for us. So whenever coach calls my number, I just try to be aggressive. He tells me to put my head down and try to score, and I've got to look to the coach.

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