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April 16, 2017

Matt Kuchar

Hilton Head, South Carolina

MATT KUCHAR: Just trying to finish, get in the clubhouse, and try to get some treatment. Fortunately a good night's sleep did me some good.

Finally got off to a good start this week. The second hole is a hole that you really are hoping to be at least 1-under through two. I think I was 1-over par on those first two holes of the first three rounds. And it was nice to go par, eagle, and really get off to a good start.

Q. Talk about the conditions. Other players are throwing in some birdies, too. As the leaders get out on the course today what can they expect?
MATT KUCHAR: This is a golf course if you're playing good golf you can make some birdies. You have to be driving the ball well. Fortunately I had that going today. Most of the week I was driving it well. From there you can be aggressive. You can try to take advantage. This whole course gives you chances if you're playing well. But if you're not, you can shoot big numbers, too. You start getting a little off line, you find yourself in the trees and just hoping to make par.

Q. How will the Kuchar family celebrate Easter, now, the kids are excited?
MATT KUCHAR: We did an Easter egg hunt early this morning, unfortunately I didn't see all of it. I'm going to get back and have some fun this afternoon.

Q. And lastly, the leader comes in and hits that bunker at 18. Where do they need to be?
MATT KUCHAR: Totally different pin this year, totally different wind. For me it was driver, 9-iron today. Back when I won it was driver, 5-iron into a front pin. And totally different. So there's a makeable bunker shot I think when I played in '14 or when I won in '14.

And this year I don't expect the leaders, that are playing good, won't miss the 18th fairway. They'll have a mid to short iron in their hand to the back pin.

Q. What a come back today, 64, how was that?
MATT KUCHAR: It was great. These first two holes are holes you have to take advantage of. And yesterday I played them 1-over par. You need to be at least 1-under par for the first two holes. I hit a great shot into the par 5, second hole, was able to make a putt for eagle. I got the monkey off my back. And then it was a fun round of golf.

Q. Looking at the scores it would suggest that the course is set up gettable today. How did the PGA Tour set it up this time around?
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, the conditions are absolutely perfect. We've got 75 to 80 degree weather, five to ten mile an hour winds. The greens are the smallest greens we see.

Q. Second straight Sunday. You put on a little show?
MATT KUCHAR: It was a good day today for sure. It was certainly awfully exciting to sort of throw my hat in the ring just a little bit there with the eagle hole-in-one on 16. A number that I knew was never going to scare the leaders, but possibly if I birdied 17 and 18, as well, could contend.

So last week, Masters tournament, so much fun. This week, one of my favorite tournaments of the year. Coming to Hilton Head, playing in the RBC Heritage, always a highlight for me.

And had a downer of a day yesterday but picked it up with a great day today. All in all a nice week.

Q. 15 years ago or from now, when you take over from Faldo in the booth, give me a little analysis. Where is this course gettable today? Where do you need to get it if you're one of the leaders trying to win this thing?
MATT KUCHAR: I think the start. The first two holes are critical for getting your round going. 1 is definitely a birdie opportunity. But if you walk away after those first two holes, you need to be at least 1-under par for two holes. Hopefully if a guy can get a 2-under start he's off to a good round.

From there, every hole provides a chance, an opportunity, but it also provides bogeys or worse, if you happen to stray the ball, if you happen to let things get away just a little bit. The guys that are on, you expect the leaders to be on, should go out and shoot some good numbers.

Q. Going into the 50th anniversary this coming year, we've been asking a lot of players about a favorite memory, a "Heritage Moment," we call it.
MATT KUCHAR: I would guess it would be the bunker shot on the 18th hole to win the tournament. It is still one of the highlights of my career. This is one of the tournaments that you look at the list of past champions and you still want to be part of that. And for me to come here to put together a good round and then close out on Sunday with holing a bunker shot to win the tournament was just a highlight that I'll never forget.

Q. Especially with the situation. You had almost let the tournament get away?
MATT KUCHAR: I 3-putted 17 from a fairly short distance. I think there was an extra burst of emotion, of joy and excitement, when that bunker shot found the hole.

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