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April 14, 2017

Alena Sharp

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. I know it didn't end up the way you wanted it to, but pretty good otherwise.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, it was really good.

Q. Apparently a little rain doesn't bother you at all. Does growing up playing in Canada help in that regard?
ALENA SHARP: I guess, because now I live in Arizona and it doesn't rain much, so...

Q. My niece went to Chandler High School. Familiar with that area. A lot of athelic stuff going on. Good base of operation.

Q. So I read how you had a really good week of practice, especially in the putting.

Q. Paid off again today.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, did.

Q. A lot of those mid-range ones.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah., made some good par saves, some good birdie putts to start of the day. Yeah, very happy with how I played.

I didn't even know what I was shooting really. Just kind of on autopilot. Hit a lot of good shots. Got tougher when I it got wet because had a lot of backspin. It was tough on some of the hole locations to get it close today because of that.

Q. You played here all five years of this tournament.

Q. You probably got a good Rolodex, so to speak, of how to play here.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, I mean, it's different this year because there is no trade winds. Normally it's blowing 20 miles an hour and makes it really difficult. Now it's wet and you got to control your spin.

I think tomorrow is supposed to be not windy, so going to have to go shoot a low number to catch the leader.

Q. And there so many girls playing well.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah. The greens are good. I feel like I have a good read on them. Like when I just stand up to the putt, because I've been here so many times, I just know how they're going to break or how much they're going to break. I feel confident with that.

Q. You're a veteran, yet no wins on the LPGA Tour at this point. That's got to make you hungrier.
ALENA SHARP: Definitely. Obviously I would love to win tomorrow, but if I don't I'm really proud of how I played this week coming back from having a rough month in March.

So we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. Through all those years of no victories on the LPGA Tour, did you ever think of doing something different or maybe just not -- does the travel get tiring after a while?
ALENA SHARP: No. I still love traveling. It's hard to win out here. You have to play good golf. I just love playing golf, so I don't think about it as I need win. I just love the competition. I love traveling to all the different places we play and the amazing courses we play. I just have a lot of passion for the game itself.

Q. Talked to Brooke a little bit about you, and she said she looks forward to returning the favor of giving you a little water shower tomorrow.
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, that would be nice. (Laughter.)

Q. Do you approach it any differently being a few shots off the lead going into tomorrow?
ALENA SHARP: Well, I know I'm going to have to take advantage of my length tomorrow and really think about what kind of shots I got to hit into these pins when I have a wedge in my hands.

I was spinning it a lot, and it's just so wet it's easy to do. So either you throw it way past or try and hit it with no spin. That's where I'm going to approach it differently.

But sometimes being in the rough is better. It doesn't spin as much. Like I had a few shots in the rough today where I made birdie because I didn't have the backspin like I did in the fairway. The rough is not very thick, so...

Not like I'm going to aim for the rough, but when you hit it in the rough you shouldn't get upset because it's actually helpful.

I'm just going to go at it like I did the last three days and see what happens tomorrow.

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