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April 14, 2017

Lydia Ko

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. Great round today. What did you feel like was working the best for you out there?
LYDIA KO: You know, I hit it a little better than the last couple days, so I gave myself a few more looks for birdies.

You know, I was able to hole some longer putts in my front nine, which is the back nine. When you get to hole the putts that you don't necessarily think they're birdie range, it's always nice. It's kind of a bonus.

I was able to make up and down when I hit it off the greens. So, yeah, it was a good combination, and definitely nice to be able to shoot a low one.

Q. How do you feel about where you are, five shots off the lead?
LYDIA KO: Yeah, the leaders still have over half of their back nine left. So with how they're playing I'm sure there will be a lot of birdies.

All I can do tomorrow is just play my best. Considering what position I was in going into the weekend I think I'm happy with where I'm placed. Hopefully a good finish tomorrow.

Q. I guess it's been raining pretty much the whole three days so far. Were you at the turn when the weather delay happened today?
LYDIA KO: It was perfect because we finished our back nine -- or our front nine. We were write by the clubhouse and literally 20 yards from the dining area.

So as soon as the horn when in it was perfect lunchtime, so we didn't really have a long walk in and out. If it happened, it was at the most convenient place for sure.

Q. So got a good meal, and then...
LYDIA KO: Yeah, we have guava chicken or something, and rice. Yeah.

Q. You moved up the leaderboard exponentially since opening day. What has changed in your game over the past couple rounds?
LYDIA KO: Obviously I needed to shoot a lower one yesterday to make the cut, first of all.

I'm playing in the morning yesterday where it's a little bit more calm. I think definitely helped to be able to put myself in under-par scoring range.

Then going out and being one of the first few groups in the morning, there is not that many players that have played the course in front of you.

I just tried to play my own game. I think that was a good thing. Just focusing on what I was doing and one shot at time.

Q. There was that river of water on 6 and 7. Have you seen much like that before?
LYDIA KO: Not really. You know, we actually went by what was a hazard on No. 2. I said, Man, the water is gushing down. It's pretty close to getting over.

As soon as I said that and a couple holes later, I didn't realize it did actually go over and we got a little cart ride. That doesn't happen very often.

Luckily there were the volunteers and the LPGA were able to do it fast and organize it where it wouldn't become much of an issue.

Q. Was there any point you worried the cart would get stuck?
LYDIA KO: It was pretty close. I said a little bit more water and I don't think it would've been possible to go over. And I don't know what the next option is when you can't go over. A canoe or something.

But, yeah, you know, but luckily it was okay. Hopefully no more rain today and be able to settle down for tomorrow.

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