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April 14, 2017

Webb Simpson

Hilton Head, South Carolina

Q. Five straight birdies, you hope to carry the momentum to today. How do you feel you did?
WEBB SIMPSON: Well, I had a good first nine holes. The back nine was no dropped shots, but didn't make any birdies. The back nine did play a little tougher I thought today. A few tougher pins. The wind was up a little bit. But all in all another good day.

Q. As a whole, how would you describe the condition of this course in all the years you've been here?
WEBB SIMPSON: Well, it's certainly dry like we like it. But the greens are somewhat receptive. They're firming up a little bit. But it's in phenomenal shape.

Q. You talked about wanting to clean up a few things yesterday, how do you feel you did in regards to that?
WEBB SIMPSON: Pretty good. We only dropped one shot and that was on the par 5 today, No. 5, which is normally a birdie hole, but other than that, a couple good up-and-downs to save for par. And one bogey is better than three.

Q. Talk about your round today?
WEBB SIMPSON: Pretty good solid day. Only one dropped shot on the 5th hole, which is normally a birdie hole. Played solid. Followed up with 3-under.

Q. What seems to be work go well for you right now?
WEBB SIMPSON: Everything is just kind of solid. I'm not doing anything spectacular, I'm not doing anything poorly. Everything in my game seems to be kind of keeping me in it. I have had a lot of opportunities for birdie.

Q. You seem like someone that's not too up or down, but you've got to feel good going into this weekend?
WEBB SIMPSON: Absolutely. I mean anytime you can put yourself in somewhat of contention going into Saturday is a good thing. I feel comfortable around this golf course. I played here a long time. It's always nice.

Q. Are you feeling any more wind in the afternoon?
WEBB SIMPSON: It seems like it. We had more wind today than we did yesterday, being in the morning. So we'll see what it does.

Q. How much does your result in Phoenix spur you on to bigger and better things this year?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was good. What was good about Phoenix is I had a chance to win a golf tournament. So I had a couple putts to win. So it gave me those feelings again of what it feels like to hit shots under pressure when it matters. But, yeah, I feel like the game has struggled since Phoenix until this week. But it does feel similar to Phoenix, I will say that.

Q. You got yourself obviously into contention to feel those feelings again, is that what you're looking forward to on the weekend?
WEBB SIMPSON: Absolutely. Game plan doesn't change for us, we're going to continue to do the same stuff, and see what the guys do, see what the wind does.

Q. Just another solid day for you, 3-under, you get to 8 as you head into the weekend. Your thoughts on how you played today?
WEBB SIMPSON: I played solid. One dropped shot on 5, which is not what you want on that hole. Other than that it was solid. A couple of good birdie looks on the back that I thought I made that didn't go in. Not quite as strong as yesterday. But right where I need to be.

Q. These greens are small, and many times very hard to hit in regulation. You were six of seven scrambling today, how good does that say your short game is right now?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's good. I've been working hard on it. And I feel like we're making the right decisions whether to putt them or chip them out here. It gives you some options. The fairways around the greens are really fast, so you can putt a lot of them, which is really fun.

Q. So your thoughts on your game right now heading into the weekend, certainly in the mix on this golf course that's certainly yielding some birdies?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I'm excited. I don't think the golf course is going to get any softer. It will play a little tougher probably on the weekend, but I love when it gets firm and fast. You've got to think a little more but I feel good about what we kind of have in place.

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