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April 13, 2017

In-Kyung Kim

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. 64 today. How good of a round was that?
IN-KYUNG KIM: It was nice to get out in the morning. Definitely morning calmer. Now the winds are picking up so it's hard to get to the hole.

But, yeah, I had a great putting day. Yesterday I hit the ball pretty well. Just didn't make as many putts. Today the putts were dropping. I had some good shots, so kind of scrambled very well.

Q. Remember the last time you made five birdies in a row?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I'm sure last year sometimes, but, yeah, that was pretty good.

Q. You been coming here kind of every other year. You were here two years ago, Top 5. Is there any reason for that?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I think it's just sometimes with my condition, how I feel about after the majors.

But I think I appreciate more when I come to Hawaii every other year, you know what I mean, than every year?

But I love it here. Yeah, you never know what the conditions, so I just go out with open mind.

Q. Anything in particular you like about this course? Top 5s the last two times you were here. Another good round today.
IN-KYUNG KIM: So far greens are holding pretty well so I can be aggressive at the hole.

At the same time, yesterday in the end of the round the course was playing pretty long on the front, that other back nine, front nine, like back nine for me yesterday. So depends on the situation.

But today I had good birdies on the tougher holes, and then I get up and down on those par-5s.

Q. Were you out on the course yesterday when it rained?
IN-KYUNG KIM: Yeah, I was out there. Yeah, but I was really glad that we got to finish. Two groups didn't get to finish. That's what it is.

Q. When you got out here this morning, did you feel like conditions were good for scoring?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I try to have a good mindset because I'm having a little bit of sore throat. Maybe that's kind of help, too. I didn't expect very much today. I just came out to give my best, not thinking about result so much.

Q. With the rain yesterday, tends to soften up the greens. Does that help you be more aggressive?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I learn yesterday. I wasn't as aggressive, because when we started it wasn't as soft and then it got soft, so hard to adjust.

Definitely today I knew it was going to be soft, so kind of helped going into picking out the clubs.

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