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November 29, 1997

Pete Sampras


MR. WALKER: He's resting comfortably in his hotel room. He is not going to be coming over today. He will be watching the doubles match on television. He hasn't put any weight on his leg since the end of the match yesterday. He is not real mobile. Patrick McEnroe of ESPN spoke with Pete briefly this morning. Pete had the following things to say:

"It was in the second set. It was like 2-2 or 3-3. My calf was feeling a little tight. I just thought I would play through it. It then got more and more sore as the match went on. There was no sense in playing more. It wasn't getting any better. I think this is a result of a long year. There's no off-season in tennis. Other sports have a three or four-month off-season. The year is too long. This tie is not over. Bjorkman and Kulti, the pressure is on them. Martin and Bjorkman, that match can go either way. Chang and Larsson can go either way. This match is not over."


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