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April 13, 2017

Alena Sharp

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

ALENA SHARP: Hit it better today. I just left my -- well, the pins were tough, so I was in a couple spots where I couldn't really run at birdies.

Kind of coasted down there on 8 and 9. Had a lot of chances, so it was good.

Q. Course playing a little bit different today?
ALENA SHARP: Not really. I mean, the wind is picking up a little more now. I feel like it's playing the same. It's a little wet so you have to be careful.

Like 18, I would never hit a 3-wood, but I need to hit 3-wood now because it's wet, so -- to get it down there, because you don't want a long iron into this green. It's tough.

Q. Just a good feeling making a cut after having missed a few the past few events?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah. Obviously I had really no expectations coming into this week. I just know that I practiced hard. You just kind of have to let it happen, and I did.

I'm glad I had a week to regroup. Caught up on sleep and just recharged and kind of just went back to my old mental processes that I've had. You can't force it and being positive.

I was struggling with my putting and didn't have a positive outlook on it in general. Coming into this week I did because I worked hard on it last week and I felt like what I was working on, it was showing up. It was showing up on the practice green, and then I played a couple rounds on my home course and I started to make putts.

I just came in feeling more positive to start the week.

Q. A lot of it too just getting more prepared?
ALENA SHARP: Yeah, a little bit. And then I always love coming here. It's almost zen-like when you land. It's just different. You have that slow-down, slow-paced kind of feel.

Q. Hard to be in a bad mood?
ALENA SHARP: Exactly. Look around. You can see the ocean from most holes, so...

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