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April 12, 2017

Beth Allen

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. First time playing here?
BETH ALLEN: It is my first time playing at this one. I played Turtle Bay many years ago. (Laughter.)

Q. How does it feel to be back?
BETH ALLEN: Awesome. Like really good. I kind of -- I'm from California, so I like being in the west, west. I find Hawaii is really similar to Spain as well, like the grass, and I've always played well there.

So I feel really comfortable here.

Q. In your first time playing here, what did you kind of expect from the course?
BETH ALLEN: I heard it was really windy, which is fine with me. Like I live in Scotland now, so it's sort of like something I'm used to. I heard that the greens were grainy and stuff like that.

But, yeah, I mean, I was happy when I saw it. As soon as I played my first nine I said, Oh, I really like it here. It was good.

Q. How often are you back in Scotland?
BETH ALLEN: It's hard this year because it's my first year back. I'm struggling to plan it right and it's kind of like -- I'm trying to do my best to get on Solheim, so trying to play as much as I can in the beginning of the year.

But, yeah, like I was going to go -- I was going to take Dallas off and I decided not to. I am going to play Dallas. Originally I was going to go home. Now I think I'm just going to keep going and kind of do my best and see what happens.

Like I'm going to meet my coach and my wife in the east coast after Mexico. We're going to just do stuff to make it work. I'll probably go back sometime in June. Yeah, it's hard.

Q. You have like a temporary home base?
BETH ALLEN: My mom lives in San Diego, so I stay there. And I kind of have friends all over the place. My best friend is in Detroit, which is really handy. I'm lucky. I've got places all over.

Q. What did you do after ANA, between then and now?
BETH ALLEN: I took a few days off because I was really disappointed.

So like I don't -- that first round I was just like, I don't even know what happened. Then I played well in the second round and sort of got my bearings.

I just felt like I'm going to step away for a little bit. I hung out with my friends and stayed in the desert. My friend rented a house. We like partied and did whatever.

Went back home to San Diego and then actually took my goddaughter out on Tuesday and hit some shots, and that was a really nice way to kind of get back into it.

Then from Wednesday on I worked really hard and did some stuff with my coach like via the Internet. Just worked on a couple things, and then when I practiced on Sunday I felt really good coming out here.

Didn't come out until Monday actually. I hadn't even played the front nine until today.

Q. Really?
BETH ALLEN: No. So I played nine holes -- I played the back nine yesterday morning and then walked around the front. You know, came out today and felt really comfortable and confident.

So it was all good.

Q. Refreshed?
BETH ALLEN: Yeah. And like, you know, had some "me" time. It was good.

Q. (Regarding the front nine.)
BETH ALLEN: No, I mean, I've done it before. I'm like pretty laid back and I've got an awesome caddie who was here early and she did all her work and I trust her.

If she tells me where to go, I listen. (Laughter.) Usually it works out all right.

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