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April 12, 2017

Lizette Salas

Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

Q. Kind of grooving from the get-go today. Can you just talk about it.
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, you know, during the off week Benito, my caddie, stayed at my house - or my parents' house - and we got to practicing and kind of just evaluated the first three events.

We came to an agreement that we kind of start off on a slow -- we start of the off pretty slow. Just kind of cruisy, not really being aggressive. We put ourselves in a really tough position come Friday to make cuts.

Like in Phoenix -- all three events I put myself in a really awkward position to even make the cut, and then have to make so much ground on the weekend.

So this week we really just tried to be aggressive from the get-go. I know this course pretty well and I've had some good success here, so being comfortable and confident coming in just really gave me that start that we've been wanting.

Q. Course record, I think.
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, shot 62 a couple years ago.

Q. And I think a 66 last year. What is it about this course that fits your game?
LIZETTE SALAS: You know, when I get in the groove on the greens, that's really when I can go deep. I made a few putts outside 20 feet today that really just gave me that extra confidence to make more. You know, just try to make the least amount of mistakes.

Saved par on 9 and unfortunately made bogey on 8. This course is not that easy with this wind and these greens. I'm not used to this type of grass. Just kind of take it as it goes.

Q. Greens seem a little bit softer than in previous years?
LIZETTE SALAS: I think they're about the same, honestly. Yeah, I think they're the same, uh-huh.

Q. Starting slow like being cautious?
LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, just like boring golf, you know. Like fairway, green, two-putt. Just not really taking advantage of the par-5s or the really short irons that I can get out here.

So we worked really hard on my wedges last week when I was home. Just kind of recharged the batteries and was excited to play out here.

My mom is flying in tonight, so she's going to be real excited.

Q. Have to go pick her up?
LIZETTE SALAS: I'm going to go pick her up tonight, yeah. Uh-huh, she's excited to come.

Q. She'll be here through the rest of the week?
LIZETTE SALAS: Uh-huh, yeah.

Q. Nice. You staying afterwards at all?
LIZETTE SALAS: No, flying home. She loves coming here. We both love coming here. You know, what bad can you say about Hawaii? Just trying to take it as relaxed as possible, but at the same time, think of the process, the shot you want to hit, and just commit to it.

That's really what it is.

Q. Tough to be aggressive in this kind of wind?
LIZETTE SALAS: Not really. I mean, all you got to do is play your shot and play the wind. Whatever happens, happens. You just look forward to the next one.

If I miss a green, now I just want it chip it. Just make it exciting for myself and give myself as many opportunities for birdie as I can. If not, par and move on to the next hole.

So I'm just trying to take a different attitude with golf. Not panic so much when I hit a bad shot or if I miss a fairway. You know, it's not that easy out here. Just play my own game, as cliche as that sounds.

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