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April 9, 2017

Russell Henley

Augusta, Georgia

Q.  Great round. Talk about your overall thoughts on the round?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I was fine. Hole out on 5. I didn't really feel like I hit the ball that well today, I just kind of felt a little bit sloppy with my swing, a little loose. I don't really know why. It's just how the game is sometimes. But I'm happy with how I putted, how I hung in there and gave my best shot. And had my best finish here, I'm excited.

Q. Did 5 surprise you, because you looked kind of stunned?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I was trying to fly it short of that hole, just‑‑ I hit a really solid shot and I guess the wind pushed it a little bit. I'm not really sure what happened.

Q. You almost holed out on 7, too, you were close there?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Oh, yeah, yeah, I was. And 14. It was fun.

Q. Have you ever busted a cup like that before?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Maybe with a wedge, like at home, on the chipping green, but never in a tournament.

Q. You said you might have had your best finish. You said you were going to be aggressive yesterday. Is that what you were looking for?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I did. I got sloppy on a couple of shots, too, but also hit some really good ones. Really good putts around the greens. A little bit of a sloppy day ball‑striking‑wise.

Q. Three straight birdies on the back, you got hot there for a second?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I got a break on 13, tried to cut the corner, and came close to hitting the trees and didn't. And made a nice putt there. And then the next two holes I really just used what the course gave me and it wasn't anything crazy.

Q. What was the club on 15?
RUSSELL HENLEY: On 15‑‑ on the second shot?

Q. Yeah.
RUSSELL HENLEY: I had a 6‑iron over.

Q. And on 5?
RUSSELL HENLEY: 5 I hit a 7‑iron in.

Q. How difficult was today compared to yesterday?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I'm definitely very hyped up to be here at Augusta, but winning the tournament, being in contention takes a lot out of me. And I might be a little tired. Hasn't really hit me yet because I'm so excited to be here. Just had a couple of shots yesterday and today, probably about the same that I felt wasn't all there.

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