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April 9, 2017

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

Q. I know it doesn't feel great, but you battled hard out there and hit the ball well. Was it a matter of a few putts that didn't go your way?
ADAM SCOTT: Not really, I didn't hit it that great either, really. I was looking for something special today and it wasn't even close in all areas, you know, I really, at times I was in position to take advantage, I didn't, standing in the middle of the second fairway with a 4‑iron in and hit a terrible shot.
And then missed a short putt on 3 and my momentum was off to the wrong start.
So I was fighting and it's hard to feel comfortable all the time out there, especially on a Sunday. So, it wasn't going my way.
I battled hard and got myself into position on 15 when I had to kind of have a crack, you know, I hit it out to the right and get yourself in a nice position or throw it in there close and make eagle and then maybe birdie two, a couple of the last and finish at 8.
And I missed by a yard or two and made bogey and then unfortunately bogeyed 17. But it was all over by then.

Q. Did you feel that everything had to rush a little bit, once you didn't really get down on the front nine as well? Did you feel like it was all coming at you really quickly?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I did what I needed to do, I guess, you know, bogey at 10 was tough, but then a couple birdies and you stand there on 15 and I know where the pin is on 16 and what can happen and then you know it's only wedges into the last two holes today, so the opportunity was there for that big finish.
But I wasn't really quite in position to where you want to be. And that's always a dangerous spot when you're left to force the last few holes of a Major.

Q. The first Major of the year, what do you take out of this, considering as you've made the four Majors and world No. 1 be goals of yours this year, but how do you assess your game this week?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, definitely kind of back to where I want it to be. Take today away. There are, of course, things to work on, but if ‑‑ I made a lot of errors this week, I felt, because I gave myself so many chances ‑‑ so I've got to take the positive away from that.
But work on a few other areas. Around the greens I wasn't quite where I imagined I would be, I left a couple out there.
And it's a good start, I haven't played that well this year, so maybe I'll top‑10 here, but to be kind of in the hunt going into Sunday is important.

Q. Can I ask you about the amphitheater of this place. And all you hear are the roars. When you're four behind and you see a leaderboard and you hear another roar before you approach or take a putt, does that affect your mindset as well?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, for me, it didn't really matter. They weren't for me. And they were not for bogeys.
So, it didn't really matter.
But, you know, it's such an incredible stadium for golf and it's, like on 18, as I'm about to hit a putt, massive roar on 16 or 15, I think it was, and you have to back off. And then the big roars up here, I think everyone's enjoying it so much, you can't help but wait to look what happened on the leaderboard. That's one of the enjoyable things about this tournament.

Q. I understand you've been good friends with Rosey and Sergio for a long time you've known both guys for a long time. How would you feel if either of them won or can you comment?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, both are so deserving. Both great stories and you know, I would be thrilled for both of them. That's a heck of a tussle they're in out there and that's what it's all about coming at the level that I'm trying to get myself to play. So, they both deserve this Major, whoever gets it.

Q. And could you empathize with Sergio, given he's been here longer than you and he's been expected to get his first Major.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I mean, there's just no script, it's different for everyone. And if this is to be Sergio's moment, it's almost a more well‑earned Major than Phil Mickelson's first, which was quite a lot longer than anyone would have imagined for him. So, you know, I think that, like I said, they're both very deserving, no matter who wins.

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