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April 8, 2017

Russell Henley

Augusta, Georgia

Q. You must feel pretty good about that?

Q. Yes.
RUSSELL HENLEY: Going into there I feel like I lost focus a couple of times, a couple of shots. But other than that I just did the best I could. I feel like I played‑‑ it's a lot easier to play better when you're closer to the lead, like last week. I tried not to lose focus, but did a couple of times. Could have gotten a little more out of it. But I had a lot of great saves. And I'm just happy with where I am.

Q. On 15 you just missed an eagle putt?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I did, yeah. I probably should have hit 5, but I hit 6 to try to hit it close, which is not the smartest play, but when you're trying to make something happen you take some chances.

Q. A lot of good par putts, you had to be happy with the way you putted?
RUSSELL HENLEY: The more you play here the more I get comfortable learning the breaks and just getting used to the speed. I felt like I was real connected with the lines today.

Q. Tomorrow you could have your best Masters finish, maybe you could even be in contention again. What are you thinking about tomorrow?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I think just trying to make something happen. I know I'm playing well. I need to be patient. But at the same time I'll probably take some chances. I'm not really that concerned about finishing 23rd, 22nd, 18th, whatever. I want to finish real high. And I think I'm going to shoot a good score tomorrow. Hopefully I can make a bunch of pars and throw in a couple of birdies.

Q. In which spots did do you think you lost focus?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I hit a bad tee shot on 11. I had a bad tee shot there. And on 6 I had a 7‑iron just way right of where I was looking, and probably impossible to two putt from where I was. That's the price you pay out here. I'm a couple of shots away from being under par. I think it's just a little better focus. But real happy with how I feel.

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