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March 11, 2002

Alexandra Stevenson


MODERATOR: Questions for Alexandra.

Q. It must be really frustrating to play that woman, three or four good shots and they all come back.


Q. You seemed like in the beginning you just didn't have anything like what you had yesterday. You didn't seem like you had that much pace. You just seemed like you were off a little bit.

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: Well, it was hard because she has no pace. I was just missing my shots and I wasn't keeping the ball on the court, so I had to figure it out and work hard. Unfortunately, I lost my serve at 4-3, and it went downhill from there in the third set. I mean, there's a lot of things I could have done much better than I did today. But I guess I'll have to do it next time.

Q. What happened when you turned it around in the third set because you definitely were doing something different --?


Q. Second set, I'm sorry. Her pacing was a little different.

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: Well, I was down 4-1, 6-1, 4-1. I just told myself I wasn't going to get killed by her because that would be kind of sad. I just had to work hard because she got everything back, and I brought it back. I thought I was going to win the third set, but I didn't. I made a couple errors, and she just kept the ball in, and I missed my shots.

Q. Do you think experience played much of a factor with this in terms of her amount of experience and yours?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: I don't think so. I guess, I mean, there's a lot more things I need to learn. If I'd known how to do those today, maybe I would have won. But she -- can't really say much.

Q. Did you get tired towards the end of the third set?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: Yeah. It was hard because she was like getting every single ball I hit back. I was running. It was dry and it was hot. I got a little tired. But I just said, "You can't get tired. You just have to keep moving." I tried to, but it didn't work out for me.

Q. How do you beat a type of player like that?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: Well, I need to get to the net more and make the volleys. I missed key volleys. Match point I hit the volley bad. That made the difference, that I didn't get in enough, and I didn't move forward, and I let her hit lobs and high balls and get everything back. A couple times when I did move forward, it worked well, but I didn't do it enough. Against Amanda, you have to do that, or she's just going to get everything back all day long.

Q. How disappointed are you?


Q. Why?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: Because I wanted to win. I wanted to keep moving up. I'm just going to have to go back and go practice for the Nasdaq-100.

Q. Did you look ahead to Hingis at all?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: No. Last night I thought I was playing Marrero. Obviously, Amanda won. This morning I found out I was playing Amanda. I never really thought ahead to Hingis. It's just one match at a time. It would have been nice to play her, but didn't get to. So maybe next week I'll play her.

Q. Had you played Amanda before?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: I beat her in Tokyo 7-6 in the third. Close match again. She's always tough to play.

Q. You had some good results in the past few months. What have you changed in your preparation since '99, after the semifinal at Wimbledon, and then sort of slowing down? What has changed?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: I just know how to play the game a little better. I think I'm quicker. I'm more mature. Just I'm getting smarter. I'm learning how to be a professional.

Q. How would you describe those moments after the semifinals at Wimbledon?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: They were great. Well, actually, it was nice getting to the semifinals, but I really wanted to win it. Losing to Lindsay was very upsetting because I got bageled, 6-1, 6-0 I think. I got killed. So I was humiliated on centre court. That wasn't so good. But making the record was nice. But I wasn't satisfied after. I mean, I wanted to win the whole thing. Getting to the semifinals is nice, but winning the plate is better.

Q. Earlier on people had talked -- you talked about possible show business involvement. Is tennis your top priority?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: Obviously, yes. I mean, tennis is entertainment. You see all the people out here watching tennis. I think they're trying to get a tennis channel going. That would be wonderful if we got the tennis channel going because we need it. In the '70s and '80s, tennis was huge in America. I think it needs to be going back to that. It would just be awesome for our sport to get on the top with basketball and football and baseball. We're like 25th on the list right now. I mean, being on stadium, you're entertaining people. There's nothing better. I'm doing a little bit of show business right now.

Q. What is your goal for the year?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: My goal is to make The Championships, to get top 16 at the end of the year.

Q. Would you prefer it to be here in the Staples Center not too terribly far rather than Munich?

ALEXANDRA STEVENSON: As an American, I'd prefer it to be in America. As a southern Californian, it would be very cool if it was at the Staples Center. But I don't really know anything about it. I just read the USA Today article this morning like all you guys. That would be really cool.

End of FastScripts….

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