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April 7, 2017

Brad Dalke

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Pretty nice cap to the week for you. Talk about what this has all meant.
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, it's been a cool couple days playing here. I've dreamed of playing here since I was little, so I can't ask for much more.
Wish I could have played a little better. I hit the ball really well, especially with today, the putter just wasn't working very well, but it was fun. I wish I could have made a couple more, but it was the experience of a lifetime.

Q. I think you missed maybe like four fairways and four greens today and those were not by much. What about the greens was giving you the most trouble?
BRAD DALKE: I don't know. Yesterday I didn't feel too bad, I just couldn't really make anything. Today just speed was off by a lot. Just couldn't judge the speed today. It was just off. So, I don't know, a few lag putts were off and then out here you have to have your speed down so much on your 10‑footers, because you know you're not going to have any straight putts, they're big breakers and you have to get the speed and line so perfect. The speed just wasn't there.

Q. You have a lot of fans and family and friends and stuff. What's it mean to you for everyone to come out, I mean even people your mom went to high school with came out and watched you.
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, it's cool. Having them out here, rooting me on, it was cool. They were yelling a lot. I could hear them the whole time, I just walked out of the scoring tent or whatever and they all just screamed, "Go Brad," so kind of embarrassing, but, yeah it was fun to have them out here and I really appreciate the fact that they all came out here and came to watch me.

Q. How has your game improved since the U.S. Amateur? What do you do better?
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, I've really improved a ton the last three or four months. I've had driver problems in the past and I'm getting those kind of worked out. I hit the driver ‑‑ I had a couple yesterday on 11, 10, had a couple bad drives, but other than that I hit the driver pretty well.
Iron game's always been there. The iron game's the best part of my game.
But putting has been really good. I've been really working on my putting, improving it, and it's been rock solid. It was just the last two, two days I couldn't really get it going with it.

Q. 16, what did you hit?
BRAD DALKE: 8‑iron. Played it back in my stance a little bit and just flighted it a touch and right at it. I was trying to make birdie there, so.

Q. What's your plans for the rest of the weekend?
BRAD DALKE: Probably just watch a little bit. My whole family is staying out here and be driving back on Monday. Probably just watch and soak it all in.

Q. Still going to stay in the Crow's Nest this weekend?
BRAD DALKE: Oh yeah, for sure.

Q. What in particular from this week will you be able to take away and help when you get ready for the U.S. Open?
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, just knowing the fact that I'm, that I feel like I'm just as good as these guys. Obviously, there's parts of my game that I need to improve and get better, but I probably hit my irons better than a lot of these guys. The driver, driving distance, probably one of the longer ones, I feel like. Need to hit the driver a little straighter.
Short game's a little below average, I need to work on that a little bit.
And then putting, just need to get a little more consistent with it. I'm a little too streaky right now.
So, just the fact that I know that I'm ‑‑ I didn't play that, play my best these last two days and I'm only, obviously I'm kind of down the bottom of the leaderboard, but I didn't, compared to the other guys, not playing my best game in this wind, really not that far off. So obviously Erin Hills will be a good test. Need to hit it straight, need to ‑‑ it's a long course, I think that I'm a good long‑iron player, so I think that will help me. But, yeah, just need to tidy a few things up, especially on the green and around the green and I think I'll be in good shape.

Q. Are you going to go take an advance trip to Erin Hills and scout it out?
BRAD DALKE: I'm not sure if I'll be able to. We have, we host a tournament here next week end, we have a Big‑12 regionals, nationals, it's just going to be, it would be tough to find a time. Hopefully, possibly I could, but it will be tough. Might just have to get a game plan that week.

Q. What are your expectations or aspirations for the summer?
BRAD DALKE: I want to go‑‑ obviously U.S. Open‑‑ well I guess national championships to open it up, I want to go compete in that, I want to go win that thing. Not only for me, but I want to help the team win, too. We have a great team this year and we have big expectations.
And obviously the U.S. Open, I want to go out there and try to compete as well. I go to every tournament to compete and have a chance to win and so I want to go win some tournaments this summer. I haven't won in a little while, so I want to go ‑‑ my game's getting really good again, getting back to where it has been in the past, and just got to go win.

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