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April 6, 2017

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

Q. It was pretty tough out there. How do you feel about it?
ADAM SCOTT: It's not exactly what I wanted. I bogeyed three of my last four holes. I did a lot of good stuff out there considering conditions are really tough. But two three‑putts to finish kind of sour's the day's work.
It's getting very, very difficult. The gusts are very hard. You can't predict them and they can be very damaging for any shot.
So, you know, I don't think ‑‑ it could have been worse for me today. I would have liked to have putt better from six to ten feet, but it's very difficult when the wind is blowing really hard and you don't have complete control over the golf ball.

Q. What do you need to do tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: I need to stay in the same position. If it's going to be windy again, I don't think we're going to have any super low scores out there. So if I can go a couple back towards par with a really good round with just even par or better tomorrow, should keep me hopefully in touch with the lead for the weekend where it looks like it may be a little calmer weather.

Q. How much was the wind a factor in the putting? People don't usually think of the wind affecting putting, but it might be the hardest part of it, right?
ADAM SCOTT: Very difficult on some of the slopey areas of the greens or on long putts. My putt on the last‑‑ I'm putting from 45 feet up the hill straight downwind. And once it was on top it was just rolling like it was flying. It's very hard. You've got to hit it hard enough to get up the hill but then very hard to judge how to hit it. And putts lose speed and break a lot here, and you add a gust of 30 miles an hour into it, you're really not controlling the ball.
I had a ball that was three feet from the hole. I'd marked it, put it back, and it rolled to 12 feet. So it's very difficult conditions and borderline today.

Q. What have you learned from the first round going forward, both good and bad?
ADAM SCOTT: I need to putt better than I did today.

Q. Were you surprised to hear about Dustin withdrawing?
ADAM SCOTT: It's disappointing, for sure, for everybody. The way he's been going, a freak accident, he's obviously very, very injured, because to pull out of the Masters when you're in the kind of form he's in, it must be a very difficult decision to make. So hopefully he gets better quick.

Q. You played a lot of rounds on this golf course, where does it rank in terms of difficulty?
ADAM SCOTT: It's up there. I can remember Friday of '07 with the cold and that stands out to me as the hardest day here. I think we're really lucky we had a little rain overnight because if the greens were firm like they were in '07, I don't know how we would have played today. Like I said, it was borderline, anyway, all swirling around. And that's when you know it's very difficult.

Q. Will you approach tomorrow differently and maybe just hold, hold, hold, because it's going to get better on the weekend and you want to be here?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, you better play a good round of golf. If I had two‑putted the last holes couple holes today at 1‑over, that's a pretty good round of golf, I would have been pretty satisfied with that. If I can play similar tomorrow and find myself shooting even par or better, and it's these kind of conditions, I'll be very happy with that. I don't think you're going to see anybody double digits, if the wind is up like this for two days.

Q. Talk about Dustin pulling out.
ADAM SCOTT: Well, that's really sad. You've got to be so careful, obviously. He just had an accident and he must be very hurt. I can't imagine having to do that.

Q. I know it might be difficult to tell, but are these greens, without the wind, do you feel they might have been a little slower?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know. I would assume they would have kept them a little slower than normal, but maybe they were. It's very hard to judge, because it was really so windy and so exposed in some areas, you know. I had a really quick second ‑‑ what is normally a really quick second half of the putt on 17, it was straight into the wind and it didn't roll down the hill and I left it eight feet short.
I'm sure if they had been the usual tournament speed, it would have been unplayable. They must have been a little lower today.

Q. Is there a shot you weren't sure of today?
ADAM SCOTT: Maybe my shot into 15. I hit a 4‑iron to layup and it caught a gust. And Kevin Kisner said it went 15 yards backwards at the peak of its flight. He was standing up ahead because he had already hit. And he was watching it and he watched it go back toward me. But I left myself 130 yards in there on the crosswalk, and with that left pin sliver of green, gusting 30, 40, you can't hit a lot of club, because you can't put it in the water. I chipped a 6‑iron but it went way over. So I made a bogey.
But 12 was not very nice either. There are lots of ones that probably aren't very nice now.

Q. Normally if you walked off with 75 you'd be pretty disappointed, but it's not going to be that far off today?
ADAM SCOTT: I've shot behind, I wouldn't be too disappointed if I shot 2‑under and someone had a hot round and shot 7‑under. So relative‑‑ I feel like I played pretty good. I feel like I threw two away, with 3‑putting the last two greens. But overall I'm in good shape. I'm not panicking that I shot 3‑over. I feel like I can have a good, solid day tomorrow and be right in the mix on Saturday.

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