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April 6, 2017

Andy Sullivan

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Well played. Was that the February medal or the March medal or the April medal you're playing in?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Definitely April wind. It's brutal out there. It's more like an Open Championship today more than anything else. Just happy to get it round in under par.
But the gusts are just killing. I mean, Adam had a putt on 17 and it is straight down hill and it's almost blew back up the hill. So it's so difficult to judge what's going to happen out there, you just got to sort of try and guess when the gusts are going to come and try and hit it after it or before it sort of thing. It's so difficult. But here the guys are finding out.

Q. I think you'll be happy with 71.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Oh, seriously, I'm buzzing with that. Especially after last year, that was probably the most nervous I've ever been on the golf course ever last year to coming out this year and actually feeling normal again and just going out there and playing golf again. It's a nice feeling to have.

Q. What sort of memories do you draw on coming in from where you come in on days like this?
ANDY SULLIVAN: You know, it's just back to the amateur days, isn't it. You are just really trying to just think your way around a bit more. Before you could be very aggressive around here, but today you just, no, you're just trying to hit it on to the green at 40 feet and try and take your 2‑putt or get it on the side where you're chipping into the wind to try and give the best chance to get up‑and‑down. It was ‑‑ sometimes you weren't even playing for the hole.
I mean, I think on 15 there, we're all pitching in with sand wedges and you're trying to not hit it in the water in front, because if you pitch it in the first five, it's spinning back in. So you're always playing the back edge and, yes, you bring bogey into play, but you're not taking ‑‑ you're taking double out of the equation.
So, it's just really tough out there. You really got to manage your game and just be on it the whole time around there. One little slip can cost you a triple or quadruple around here easily.

Q. It takes away the temptation though, doesn't it?
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I think that's a good thing for me, to be fair, I've been swinging it really, played well last week, and coming in here with a lot of confidence and I think the wind helped me out a bit today, in the sense of I couldn't be as aggressive as I would have liked to have been. You had to play it smart today. So thanks to the wind for helping me out there.

Q. Nice to birdie the last as well.
ANDY SULLIVAN: Yeah, I felt like I played well enough to shoot under par today and it just felt like it capped the day off there to hole one in the last. But I was literally trying to run up the hill there to go to the restroom real quick. I was literally bursting. It was horrible. Scotty was taking his time and I was like, man, come on, hurry up. It was brutal. Brutal.

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