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April 6, 2017

Brad Dalke

Augusta, Georgia

Q. To settle down a little bit after the first four, what did you notice about your nerves? Did they cool off after those first four holes?
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, I mean, making that good par on 5, hitting that good shot from the down low on left and having a good birdie look there.
Then getting up‑and‑down on the 6th definitely helped. Kind of got me in a little bit of a rhythm.
But yeah, I mean 4 was just kind of a bad club. I probably should have hit a 6, hit a 7, tried not to go long and left it short. And then didn't hit a very good chip.
I don't know, I really only felt nervous on maybe the first two holes. Started on, around 3 I started kind of feeling better and doing better. Just didn't really make too many bad swings early on, just, it's just tough in the wind, tough to get your distance right.

Q. The drive on 1 was good. Probably about as good as you could have drawn it up. And then coach said your driver was great today.
BRAD DALKE: Yeah, it was, for the most part. There was a couple bad drives. We got a lucky break on 11 and ‑‑ 10 I knew might be okay, just because there was a lot of room‑‑ but 11, yeah, 11 was going deep in the stuff and it spit it out. So, yeah, I was lucky there, but yeah, for the most part I was hitting my tee balls well and I didn't really play that bad, I just couldn't, I don't know, I just couldn't really get anything going.
Finally made a birdie on 9. But just couldn't really get any putts to go in. But it was, you know, just a tough day out there.

Q. What's the plan tonight and practicing tomorrow and going into that tee time? What's the biggest thing you got to work on?
BRAD DALKE: Try to get a lot of sleep first of all.

Q. Tired?
BRAD DALKE: Yeah just, it was just a grind, playing in this wind and just playing at Augusta, it's just a tough, tough day. Like I said, it was just a grind out there. But, yeah, early tee time, we got to wake up early for that.
But, yeah, I'm going to go putt a little bit. The stroke didn't feel too bad today, just missed a lot of putts, especially coming in on those last maybe five or six holes, hit a lot of good putts, just didn't go in. So need to work a little bit on speed.
But for the most part I feel like I hit it pretty well. Hit my wedges pretty good. And didn't feel like I played that bad, just tough day. You got to minimize your mistakes and I was just a little bit off, so.

Q. What's it been like waking up each morning in the Crow's Nest, on property, and being able to wake up and walk down the stairs and being there. What's it meant the last few days?
BRAD DALKE: It's awesome. I think that, obviously, I haven't experienced it yet, but as a pro I think it would be, the Masters is, obviously, awesome here, probably the best tournament out there. It's just kind of the magic of the whole place.
So I think almost, it's something that a lot of people don't experience, just playing as an amateur, just the way ‑‑ I can feel the crowd kind of rooting for me. I can hear them chirping in the background, is that that amateur playing, blah, blah, blah. But just playing as an amateur is so cool, to be able to stay in the Crow's Nest, staying on property, and everyone just is rooting for you and even all the members out here are just like they're all kind of rooting for me. So it's fun, it's something obviously that a lot of people don't get to experience, but it's great to get to experience it this year.

Q. Was this the toughest conditions you played in in a while?
BRAD DALKE: I get this a lot in Oklahoma. The wind part, I mean, obviously it was windy and I get the wind part a lot, it's just we don't have courses like this in Oklahoma. So, yeah, with here you just have to be so exact and precise on your distances and it's just tough to do it out there.
You're hitting‑‑ at 17 I had 165 in or something, hit a pitching wedge and I'm just not sure if the wind is going to knock it down into the bunker, if it's going to carry it over the green, it's a lot of guessing game out there when you're playing this course and this wind. So that was the toughest part. I don't mind the wind, I'm used to this, it's just, you have to be so precise out here.

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