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April 6, 2017

Kevin Chappell

Augusta, Georgia

Q. The wind seems crazy.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: There was a lot of thinking out there. Yeah, it's windy and I hope it stays where it's playable, because I think the golf course is playable, they did a good job setting it up, but it's difficult.
You got to control your golf ball around here. I felt like I did a good job of that. Obviously, could have made more putts. The wind adds to that variable to things. So that's something you got to really pay attention to.
I just tried to play as many shots into the wind as I could and I feel like I did a good job of that.

Q. You come in with 1‑under on a day like this, you got to think there aren't too many people who are going to be too far ahead of you at the end of the day, given these conditions.
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Like I said, I hope the conditions stay playable. There's been some gusts that I'm sure some balls are moving on and they won't have that for too long, but any time you shoot under par around here, in any conditions, it's a good score, so real happy with that.

Q. How did you manage things throughout the day?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: I really did a good job of driving it. I was in play off of most tees and then really picked my spots.
And sometimes you just got to man up out here and hit the shot. And I was able to do that there on 11, and get through 12, making a good par.
And then even 15 today is a little nervy shot, because you're laying up and you got to control your spin on a wedge shot in there. So just a few tough shots out there today.

Q. Where was the wind the toughest to judge or the trickiest to manage?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: 15 through 18 I felt like it blew pretty consistent and hard. You can get lost out there. Not a lot of the holes play parallel to each other, so it's not like you walk up one green and you know where the wind is, you got to really pay attention and know what's going on.
My caddie Joe and I did a good job of that and have a good understanding of how to play the golf course and it's been on me to execute and make that plan work.

Q. Do you feel like if conditions stay this way it might get a little warmer, it's going to be windy today, too, do you feel like you could put up another good score and keep yourself in contention for the weekend?
KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah, that's the plan every week and the goal every time I tee it up. I haven't done a good job of that lately, my game has been not where I would like it to be, but I'm showing signs and, yeah, I think that conditions like this help me, it makes me focus a little bit, kind of engages me and makes me really get into every shot.

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