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April 2, 2017

Justin Rose

Humble, Texas

Q. Got to feel pretty good about seeing some birdies in your game heading to Augusta?
JUSTIN ROSE: Absolutely. I think obviously I'm going to really take the last three holes and just boil the week down to the last three holes, I suppose for me. And there were lots of ups-and-downs before that, but the last three holes I kind of refocused and tried to think about next week a little bit, even hit some good shots. Felt my iron play over the weekend was a little sharper. That's good.

Obviously playing in this heavy wind, maybe you're going to make some mistakes. I didn't drive the ball very well this weekend, actually, and hit some shots off the tee that cost me shots, which is unusual. But I feel like that's normally a pretty easy fix for me.

The iron play was good. I hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in this week, too. I felt like I overread them a little bit. I think that there's a lot of -- putts break a little less than they are going to be doing at Augusta. Overreading this week might work to my advantage next week.

Q. You're not a regular participant at this tournament. Do you feel like you got out of this week what were you hoping to when you decided to add it to your schedule?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think chipping -- and that's one thing I wanted to sharpen, wedge play, chipping. The stuff you can only do with the scorecard in your hand. It's very easy to be at home with no pressure. When the scorecard is your hand, that's when you know if you're making progress or not. I did make some progress this week, and that's a good reason to have played and made it a worthwhile experience.

Q. Are you surprised to get it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. This has turned into an extra bonus for me. Get home at a decent time today and get a half more day at home, spend Monday at home, and get to Augusta on Tuesday.

Q. You played the Masters a number times. How do you mentally approach Augusta compared to playing just another PGA TOUR event?
JUSTIN ROSE: Well, this is a Major championship, so it's elevated. The fact that it's the one we play at the same venue every time makes it special. You have your own memories there. Memories of the other great plays and great tournament wins from other guys throughout the years. Your playbook, your way of playing the course, and you have your stats. In some ways it makes it a little less work. You can kind of enjoy the Masters and your practice round a bit more than other venues. Love the policy of no autographs on the golf course, limit your time on the golf course at Augusta is always a treat and pleasure. Some other tournaments, U.S. Open, Open Championship, you're grinding so hard to learn the golf course the first few days of the week that you're not taking in the experiences you do at the Masters. It's always a fun week from Monday to Sunday, whereas normally you're kind -- you can't wait to get to Thursday.

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