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April 1, 2017

Lexi Thompson

Rancho Mirage, California

LEXI THOMPSON: I was more over it, so I think that's helped out a lot. I was short on a few of the lag putts, but other than that I've had good pace, maybe too much pace. I have to hit them a little bit harder, but it's all good.

Q. This golf course you're obviously very comfortable on. What is it about this layout that I think favors you?
LEXI THOMPSON: I just love this golf course. I get to hit a lot of drivers, and it just sets up well. There's a few doglegs left, which helps me out. I love being here. It's just absolutely beautiful, and it's always in great shape for us.

Q. What about the comfort level kind of drawing on past experience going into tomorrow with a two-shot lead? What will the focus be?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, well, that experience always helps me out, but I'm just going to focus on tomorrow, focus on one shot at a time, relax out there between shots, and just focus on doing my routine, visualizing my shots out there.

Q. What did you feel about your round today?
LEXI THOMPSON: I think it went really well. I struggled a little bit off the tee and had a few more rushed shots than I wanted, but overall a lot of positives. Never complain about a 5-under par round and hopefully get a few more putts to roll in tomorrow.

Q. You have a two-shot lead heading into the final round. What's the plan for tomorrow?
LEXI THOMPSON: I'm just going to go out there and play my own game, just focus on one shot at a time and doing my routine like I have been the last three days.

Q. Grinding it out like you've had to do, like everybody has had to do the last couple days, does that throw you off at all? How do you compensate?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it's definitely not a usual week what we're used to, but it's a major week. We have to deal with the wind conditions and whatever weather we get. So yesterday was a long day of relaxing and doing nothing, and then coming out and teeing off at 5:20 and getting eight holes in, and just today was a long day. So now we've got to relax and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. Tomorrow is a breather, only 18 holes.
LEXI THOMPSON: I know, only 18 holes, so I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Middle of the round today you put together the three birdies; did something just click there, or were you playing the same way and the putts started going?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, I was playing the same way. Made a birdie at 9, just decided to go for it and get it up close because I knew that pin was tucked and made like about a 12-footer. So I just think in that stretch I had a few good strokes on the green, so that's what helped me out the most.

Q. After spending the off-season really focusing on your putting, did you leave that period at the beginning of the year thinking that it was paying off, that you were more comfortable with it?
LEXI THOMPSON: Oh, yeah, definitely. Like I said, I made a lot of changes, changed putters, changed stance some. I was opening and everything. I practiced a few hours a day on it and just gained a lot more confidence. You know, I struggled a lot last year. We went through a lot of putters, and yeah, I felt really good about it coming into the season. My first round in the Bahamas went really well with the putter, so it was great to see.

Q. You've had the Bettinardi like six, seven months it seems like?
LEXI THOMPSON: Since International Crown last year.

Q. Is that long for you?
LEXI THOMPSON: It was long for me the way I was going last year with putters, but yeah, I absolutely love this putter, just the way it sets up and just the way I stroke it. I love the way it comes off it.

Q. Is there a specific kind of Bettinardi it is?
LEXI THOMPSON: It's a Queen Bee.

Q. It's like a half mallet, half blade?
LEXI THOMPSON: Exactly. It's square.

Q. You're the outright leader right now; any additional pressure for tomorrow?
LEXI THOMPSON: No, not really. Like I said, I'm going to go out there focused on my own game. That's all I can do is just control what I do out there and just focus one shot at a time, visualize my shots and relax with my caddie in between and just have fun.

Q. I don't think anybody early in this week would have said 13-under is going to be leading on Saturday night. That seems awfully low. What is happening on the golf course that's led to such great scoring?
LEXI THOMPSON: I don't really know, honestly. But all I can say is that the golf course is in just absolutely perfect shape. We've gotten some great weather, too. It got a little windy out there today, especially for a few of those hole locations. But I think the first day it was definitely gettable with no wind and everything. Yeah, there was definitely birdies out there, but some holes you just have to par.

Q. Is this basically the same game plan that won it for you in 2014 with lots of drivers?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, basically. I mean, I'm playing it the same way, drivers a lot out there. Maybe one or two holes change with 3-wood or hybrid. No, I hit driver everywhere on this golf course, and that's what I love most about it. I just aim up usually the right side of the fairway and just hit a baby draw out there, or try to.

Q. I know you talked about your putter earlier. I've never seen you this comfortable over long putts. You hit a couple of 40-footers that looked like they were going in. What's going on there that has gotten you so comfortable with the length of the putts?
LEXI THOMPSON: Like I said, it's just an overall confidence with my putting. I worked extremely hard in the off-season. Lag putting is -- I thought I hit a few poor lag putts like on the last hole. But it's just all about confidence, and that's what I've been working on. Moved a lot closer and just picking out a spot usually about halfway, and I just like to visualize my putt rolling over that spot and just seeing it hopefully going in or just lag putts and stuff.

Q. How much does having the experience of a win here help going into tomorrow?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it definitely helps. Experience always helps winning or losing. You always learn by it. But I'm just going to go out tomorrow and focus one shot at a time and see where that takes me. I'm just going to go out and control my game and my emotions. That's all I can do.

Q. What will it take on the course to go through and get the good number for tomorrow?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, it's all weather depending. If it gets windy like today and they tuck some of those pins like they did, pars are good on a few of those holes. But under par I'm sure. I have a lot of great players right behind me, so I'm going to have to play my butt off, and I know that.

Q. What do you like about playing here in California?
LEXI THOMPSON: It's just beautiful here. I always come here with my parents and we rent a house, and it's just such a relaxing week, and we always get perfect weather. It's windy here and there, but besides that, the fans are absolutely amazing and this course is my favorite.

Q. Yesterday when you started round 2 you were a little bit up and down but you got a fresh start this morning; do you think that's kind of helped you?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it definitely was. I played eight holes yesterday, and then it got really windy towards the end, so I was like, I don't want to play No. 18 in 20 miles per hour winds, and then it got super dark, so we just called it. Came out, fresh start, there was no wind really, and it was perfect out, so it was nice to take advantage of that.

Q. (Question about the leaderboard).
LEXI THOMPSON: I just tried to not even look at it. With golf you never want to get ahead of yourself. You never know what can happen with the game, and it's always something we always imagine as golfers, jumping into Poppies Pond, but we'll see what tomorrow will bring.

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