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April 1, 2017

Mi Jung Hur

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Quite the round today; it was a long day. How did you do it?
MI JUNG HUR: Well, I played really good in the afternoon round. I woke up at 4:30 this morning and it made me super tired, but I tried to wake up until now. I think it worked good today.

Q. Your game seems to be getting progressively better, great result last week. What do you feel is really working for you?
MI JUNG HUR: My shots are getting better since last year, and hitting more greens and more chances to make a birdie with the putter. That helps me a lot to play better every week.

Q. You played quite well today. What was it that was really working in the afternoon when the greens were firming up?
MI JUNG HUR: I think everything was good, but mostly putter was working really good. I had lots of confidence when you made the first two birdie putts. The rest of the round you have lots of confidence you play with, and that's what happened to me today.

Q. How do you do it again tomorrow?
MI JUNG HUR: I just want to play like today if it's possible. It's going to be tough with top players in the world, but I just want to play my game, my own game, and I want to focus myself. Yeah.

Q. You had your best result here at this tournament last year, and now you're playing again very well. Do you think it's just a matter of being now comfortable coming back and knowing how to play well here?
MI JUNG HUR: Yeah, I finished tied for 14th last year, and that was my best result for this tournament. It made me lots of confidence, and the last couple weeks I played really good but had one bad round. It made me a little frustrated in myself. But had another good chance for this week, and I want to take this chance.

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