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April 1, 2017

Lexi Thompson

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Current leader here on Day 2 of the ANA Inspiration, 5-under 67. It was a little bit of an up-and-down round, but you were able to regroup having to come back out here this morning. Did that help you out a little bit?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it definitely did. You know, I played well for the eight holes yesterday and made a couple good putts, so definitely it brought me some confidence going into today, and I started off with a good first two birdies on the first two holes.

Q. How are you feeling about your start here for the week?
LEXI THOMPSON: I feel great. My game is in a good spot. I just have to focus on doing one shot at a time and just focus on just doing my routine and relaxing.

Q. There's a lot of time before you go off for the third round. What will you do to stay busy?
LEXI THOMPSON: Probably get second breakfast -- no, I'm just kidding. But just relax and regroup and do my whole routine again and get ready for the third day.

Q. Kind of a disjointed first couple rounds but you've got to be happy with the way it ended up?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, definitely. It was a little up and down, but I made some good putts when I came back out here this morning and definitely brings me a lot more confidence coming out for the third round.

Q. Well, you seem to be much more confident with your stroke now than you have been really since the Bahamas, so what's happening there?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I putted really well in the Bahamas, as well, and it's all a matter of just confidence really for me and just matching up the speed with the read. Out here with the Indio effect it can get a little tricky. It was all about confidence; that's all putting is.

Q. What did you do to kill time yesterday?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, I tried to sleep in. I slept in until like 7:00. And then I worked out in the morning, wasted about an hour and a half, relaxed. Didn't really do much, just hung out, came in here for lunch, did a little brain session in putting, then went back, relaxed some more, and then came back and did my whole routine, to start up and tee off at 5:20.

Q. Was there a curiosity factor? Did you turn around much and see what young Lucy was doing?
LEXI THOMPSON: I wasn't really looking at their scoreboard. All I heard was cheers back there, though. I'm just trying to focus on my own game, so you can't really let that get into your mind.

Q. How do you feel about your game right now?
LEXI THOMPSON: I feel good about it. I hit a few iffy shots here and there, but overall I'm just trying to focus on staying one shot at a time, not getting ahead of myself, and focusing on visualizing my shot and doing my routine. That's about it.

Q. A few iffy shots, is it anything in particular?
LEXI THOMPSON: No, I think it's just all a matter of trusting the shot and getting a precise line off the tee or into the green and just sticking to my game plan with the swing.

Q. This is another long day; how do you feel about it?
LEXI THOMPSON: These days are always long, but it helps that it's good weather, and I'll relax some now and then do my whole routine over again and get ready for that third round.

Q. Are you giving out shoes or something?
LEXI THOMPSON: Oh, I do over in that tent. I don't know about right now because there's not a lot of people, but probably after the third round I'll give out shoes. It's just over in the tent. I just give out my used shoes to little girls.

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