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March 30, 2017

Eun Jeong Seong

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. 4-under 68 in the first round; how did it feel out there today playing in the first major of the year?
EUN JEONG SEONG: This is my first major for LPGA tournament. That's why I'm very excited before teeing off, but I'm a little bit nervous on the tee box. My hands shake a little bit. But I just playing very well, and I was hole-in-one today on hole No. 5. That's good memory today. That's why I just keep going forward in that one round.

Q. You had that hole-in-one on the fifth hole, you had a great reaction after you saw the ball go in. What was going through your head?
EUN JEONG SEONG: Yeah, I cannot see my ball, but my partner said, oh, hole-in-one. Oh, my God. This is my second hole-in-one in tournament. That's why I'm really excited today.

Q. And how will you prepare for tomorrow?
EUN JEONG SEONG: I will forget today's score and just play par, make par every hole.

Q. Talk about the hole-in-one.
EUN JEONG SEONG: Just exciting today. I'm very happy after hole No. 5 because I had 4-under already on the 5th hole. That's why I'm very excited. I'm just playing don't think about anything.

Q. Was that your first hole-in-one?
EUN JEONG SEONG: No, my second hole-in-one.

Q. Was it just as exciting or not so much?
EUN JEONG SEONG: I'm very excited, yes. Not many people were there, but I'm happy, and my caddie happy, too.

Q. What did that feel like?
EUN JEONG SEONG: When I was playing in the KLPGA Tour, I was very many weather after one round. That's why I don't think about weather, I just keep going tomorrow.

Q. Other than the hole on 1, how did you like your round?
EUN JEONG SEONG: My round? Oh, my start is so good today. No. 1, had birdie; hole No. 2, also birdie. But after five holes, I make 4-under. That's why I just think about not much, just see ball and I just aim and hit. Very simple today.

But if I play bad, I think about much, every round.

Q. You won a tournament here last year, the AJGA?
EUN JEONG SEONG: Yeah, this course.

Q. Right on this very course?

Q. Did that help you at all today?
EUN JEONG SEONG: Yes, yes. I have good memories of here. That's why. But different green speeds and different rough, very thick.

Q. Different temperature?

Q. Did you jump in the pond when you won?
EUN JEONG SEONG: Yes. Last year I was jumping in the --

Q. How was your jump? What was it like?
EUN JEONG SEONG: Just jump. The reaction is very good for me. That's why. Just jump. Not any more.

Q. If you win this tournament, you have to jump in.

Q. You'll be fine with that?

Q. Some background, how much time do you spend in the United States? Do you spend much time here?
EUN JEONG SEONG: No. One and a half months.

Q. So you just come over when you're playing basically?

Q. How old were you when you first came to the U.S. to play golf?

Q. What was that for?
EUN JEONG SEONG: For a U.S. Women's and Girls Junior qualifying.

Q. Are you going to play in the USGA events this summer?
EUN JEONG SEONG: I'm not sure because British and U.S. Open is same schedule.

Q. So you're going to stay amateur through Q-school?

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