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March 30, 2017

Lucy Li

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Congratulations on a beautiful round of golf today, 1-under par in just your second major championship. How would you describe what today was like for you?
LUCY LI: Yeah, I played pretty well today. I hit a lot of good shots. I thought I could have made a couple more putts, but overall I was pretty consistent.

Q. What was it like playing with Michelle Wie for the first time?
LUCY LI: Yeah, it was really fun. She's really nice, and she hits it really far.

Q. How did you feel today?
LUCY LI: Good. I played pretty well. It was a very consistent round of golf.

Q. Was it distracting to have a big gallery, Michelle there?
LUCY LI: No, not really. I just tried to focus on my own game, and I played pretty good.

Q. What did you think about the course?
LUCY LI: Oh, yeah, I love the course. It's in perfect condition right now. It's kind of long, but I played pretty good.

Q. I know you were just 11 at the time, but when you played in the U.S. Open, you had similar galleries. Were there any flashback feelings that you had when you stepped up on the first tee?
LUCY LI: Yeah, kind of. Pinehurst was crazy. It was like hundreds of people watching. I feel like that experience really helped me today how to handle the pressure.

Q. Are you working with an instructor right now at all?

Q. Are you doing any homework this week or studying?
LUCY LI: Yeah.

Q. What are you studying?
LUCY LI: Doing algebra II.

Q. What did you pick up on the course last weekend that you picked up or used right away today?
LUCY LI: You know, it was just a good experience overall because the rough is really thick. Last week I hit it in the rough a lot, so that really helped me, like the distance out of the rough, and putting overall, the greens were really fast.

Q. You weren't part of the afternoon, which is expected to be a lot windier than the conditions here this morning.
LUCY LI: Yeah, definitely. It hasn't picked up yet, but looks like it might.

Q. Have you met anybody for the first time this week, had any interesting conversations with any players?
LUCY LI: I think I met most of them at the U.S. Open, yeah.

Q. Is this almost sort of like routine now? You've done this -- you're young, but you've done this before.
LUCY LI: I wouldn't say it's routine. It's always exciting. This is just my second major. It's probably a little more experience than last time, but it's still very exciting.

Q. How does that help having been through it?
LUCY LI: Oh, definitely it helps a lot how to play under pressure in front of crowds, and just like how to play well, I guess.

Q. You stayed at the U.S. Open over the weekend and watched Michelle win, and now you get to play with her; what kind of feelings did you have being able to go out with her?
LUCY LI: Oh, yeah, I was really excited. She's super nice, and we just had a lot of fun today. She played really well.

Q. When you're not golfing, what are your other major interests? What do you like to do or talk about?
LUCY LI: Oh, I love reading just books in general, history. I'm a big NBA fan. Kind of interested in politics, and watching TV.

Q. What book are you reading now?
LUCY LI: I'm reading this book, it's called "Team of Rivals," it's about Abraham Lincoln's (indiscernible).

Q. What's your NBA team?
LUCY LI: I'm from San Francisco, but I'm a Cavs fan.

Q. Do you kind of keep that secret when you're at home?
LUCY LI: Yeah. My brother and my dad are big Warriors fans.

Q. There must be some good conversations at home, huh?
LUCY LI: Yeah.

Q. A lot of trash talk?
LUCY LI: I'm still a Warriors fan, but I like the Cavs a lot, too.

Q. Most girls your age aren't interested in politics. What's kind of the attraction for you?
LUCY LI: Well, I've always been interested in history, and kind of like law stuff, so I guess that's why, because politics is kind of tied into that. And just having an older brother, he explains a lot of like psychology to me, and it's just really interesting to me, yeah.

Q. When you were out there with Michelle team and the times that you've talked to her, are you tempted to kind of ask her, hey, how did you do it when you were 13 and 14, or do you kind of figure that you have to blaze your own path?
LUCY LI: Well, yeah, everyone has their own game, and so I just try and focus on myself and play as well as I can.

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