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March 30, 2017

Karine Icher

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Tell me about this five yards that you've added to your game. How much has that helped you this season and especially on this golf course?
KARINE ICHER: Everything I can have more distance, I take it. I know five yards is not a lot, but I improved a little bit, and it's half a club. So instead of having a 7-iron, maybe I have an 8, and because I'm an accurate player, I can be closer to the pin and make more birdies.

Q. Five titles for you on the Ladies European Tour. You've had 43 top-10 finishes on the LPGA Tour. Still looking for that first finish at the top of the leaderboard. How do you stay calm and not chase that No. 1 spot at the end?
KARINE ICHER: Well, by the experience, you told me I have 43 top 10s without any wins, so I'm probably the most -- the player with the most top 10s without winning, so I'm used to it. No, I'm going to keep focused and keep my game on and try to sink some putts, and we'll see from there.

In golf, you never know.

Q. A few comments on the round.
KARINE ICHER: I played well. It's a hard golf course. I mean, the rough is so thick, it grew so much since yesterday. No, I'm quite happy about this round and hope to do the same tomorrow.

Q. Your results have gotten better week after week after week, and 4th last week. Do you feel like your game is coming into form?
KARINE ICHER: Yeah, my game is there. I'm an accurate player, so I just aim for the fairway and then for the green. I try to work on putting to put more putts in. That's the secret. If you have good putting, you score well.

Q. How hard is it going to be to do this again tomorrow?
KARINE ICHER: Same, so keep focused and keep going, and just tomorrow is another day. I'm going to try to make as many birdies as possible, and we'll see.

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