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October 5, 2002

Jyoti Randhawa

Eduardo Romero

Vijay Singh


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I played very solidly and made some good putts. I only missed one drive so that was the key. This is one of the best courses in Europe - it's very similar to my home course in Argentina. No trees and plenty of wind. I like playing here.

My swing is good at the moment, so is my putting, and my concentration is good too.

Two years ago, my problem was nerves. That's when I started doing yoga. My concentration is now very good and I don't suffer from nerves. I'm much more relaxed. I do yoga three days a week - I do mental exercises to help my concentration.

My teacher in Argentina is an Indian guy but he's lived in Argentina for 25 years. It's helped me a lot and been very good for me. I feel very different - I'm playing much more relaxed than two or three years ago.

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It was a pretty nice finish, but I was more concerned about the team than my score. It was a good way to finish the round. I played really solid and didn't really make many mistakes. I missed one or two putts, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I still made six birdies and an eagle and this 64 is my lowest round over the Old Course. I've played here a few times and I think my previous best was 64. It was a good effort.

At the last I was 40 yards to the pin and I hit a little sand wedge to hole my second shot. I thought Padraig was going to make a break for it, but I think he doubled the 17th and I suppose he's let a few more in now. Another day to go and you never know how the wind's going to go.

I enjoy playing with my partner, Ted Forsmann. I've always played the AT&T. With him. And that's the reason I am here, to play with him. We have never won anything before, but hopefully we will this week.

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I am holding up well after three rounds - I am definitely getting used to links golf! Seriously, I have now played quite a bit on links courses, having played in three Dunhills, the British Open in 2000 at St Andrews and three qualifying tournaments for the Open.

My game is feeling good, all round. I am making a few putts, but also not missing many greens in regulation. In fact, I've only had three bogeys in three rounds, which shows how steadily I have played.

It would mean a great deal to me if I could win here, although that will be tough as I'm quite a few shots off the lead at the moment. But if I shoot the lights out at St Andrews tomorrow then I could still do it, and that would also mean a great deal to my country.

I would love to play full-time on the European tour, and of course I would definitely get my card if I won here. I also have ambitions to play the US tour, but I'm happy to take my chances when they come up. I love playing at St Andrews - it is a great course and a great atmosphere, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Golf in India has really boomed in the last five years, and there are now a few of us capable of coming out on to the bigger tours and doing well. It is exciting for me to be in the forefront of that boom in Indian golf - I must show the way for all the young players we have got coming through the ranks at home.

But, because, we have a full-time tour at home (25 tournaments a year) we get a lot of exposure to four-round competition and that is the major reason why you are now seeing good new players coming out of India. Professional golf is only about 15 years old in India, and it takes time for good-class players to start to come out of the country. But that time is now.

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