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March 29, 2017

Brooke Henderson

Rancho Mirage, California

CHRISTINA LANCE: We're now happy to be joined by Brooke Henderson, our 13th-ranked player in the world, the 2016 KPMG PGA Championship winner, and she's playing here in her third ANA Inspiration.

Thanks so much for being here with us, Brooke.

You've made five cuts this year, had a top five in Singapore, hit a bit of a stumble last week at Kia and missed the cut, but playing well until that. Tell me how you're feeling coming into Mission Hills this week.

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, not necessarily the start I was looking for this year, but the event in Singapore, I got a lot of confidence in contention again, which was great.

Last week, I think I got on the wrong side of the draw and it was very cold, wet, and then Monday morning and Thursday, I didn't really get my round off to a great start.

But I was able to come here a little bit early. I played here a few times, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday, so I have a great feel for the golf course.

This is one of my favorite tournaments all year. You know, coming here as an amateur in 2014, I got to witness and experience an amazing atmosphere out here, and Poppy's Pond, Dinah Shore, it's such an amazing tradition. I'm excited to go out and hopefully get off to a fast start Thursday and Friday and put myself into contention on Sunday.

CHRISTINA LANCE: You mentioned it's one of your favorite golf courses and you enjoy the week here. What are your thoughts on the golf course? You've been here for a couple days. How is it setting up looking to Thursday?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you've got to hit fairways. And I think if I can get my driver out there a good distance, there's a lot of corners and a lot of trouble that you need to carry it 250.

So if I can do that, I think I can take out a lot of the field that way. And the rough is very long, so hitting fairways and being consistent is also very important.

You know, the greens are always fast and firm out here, so making sure you're hitting fairways and giving yourself a great angle for approach shots will be really important the next few days.

Q. I think you were maybe 16 when you played here the first time. There are some players who come here and immediately play well; I think Juli Inkster won here as a rookie, and Lydia had not played very well at all the first three years she played here and then she won last year. What do you think you need to learn -- not you particularly, but any player, about this golf course to be successful?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, I think getting off the tee is probably the most important thing, because you can take yourself out of it right away, or you can put yourself in great positions where you can make birdies or easy pars.

You know, in 2014, I finished tied for 25th. Last year I finished tied 10th. So I'm slowly improving and slowly learning a little bit more about the golf course, and where good misses are and where sometimes you just need to make par and get out and try and make birdie on the next hole.

So I think I'm slowly learning that, and I think, you know, the more people play out here, usually I think the better they will play.

Q. Does having a major championship under your belt now make coming to a major championship feel a little bit different?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Definitely gives you a lot of confidence going into it. You know, it's an amazing feeling knowing that you have won a tournament of this stature, and I think each major is a little different. This one, with Poppy's Pond and the rich history, it's really cool. I think it kind of separates itself from other majors.

So hopefully in the near future, I can get this one under my belt, too.

Q. You're pretty active on social media. What's your approach on tournament, days and what do you do differently on a major week?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Just in practice preparation?

Q. Do you dial it back at all when you're on social, some of your posts and following what people commenting on, things like that.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Early in the week, I might comment a little bit more, and definitely about the tournament that just happened. I like to do that during the first couple days of the week.

Once Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday happens, I might look at it, but I might not necessarily post a whole lot unless I'm playing well, and then I might, you know, look a little bit more.

I think it's really important to be active with fans and kind of show them that you really appreciate the support and maybe show them something that they don't get to see on Golf Channel, kind of inside of my life and inside of other Tour players.

Q. It was such a demanding year for you last year with the Olympics and being Canada's great hope; is it maybe even just human nature that maybe at the beginning of this year, you would ease into it after all the demands that you had? It's probably not going to get any easier as the season goes on, with the Canadian Open being in your hometown this year. Is it human nature maybe to just kind of be easing into this year?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, that wasn't my plan, but like you said, last year was a really busy year, and I met all of my goals. It was kind of like the perfect year: 17 Top 10s, winning two events, including a major, representing Canada in the Olympics; it was kind of a highlight year.

So far into the year, 2017, I haven't necessarily performed or gotten the results that I necessarily want, but I feel my game is really close and hopefully if I can just tune up a little bit mentally and get focused on what I actually have to do, I think my game is right there; that I can win a few more times, and I think that starts this week. Having played the golf course the last few days, I think it really suits my game really well. So if I can get my mental attitude the way it should be, I think I'll be right there on Sunday.

Q. A couple months ago, we had a Canadian in the PGA TOUR event here, Adam (Hadwin) shot 59, and talked a lot about all the little flags and the support that he gets in this area because there's so many Canadians here. Do you feel that this week, too, or have in the past?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, absolutely. You know, the first time I was out here, they told me after my round that my cheer on the first hole was louder than any other group out here. So that was amazing. And I see all those flags, and even this morning, I was signing autographs and taking photos with tons of Canadians and tons of people that just live around here, Americans, as well. I feel like I'm growing my fan base not only in Canada but all over the world, which is really exciting.

I definitely agree with that. There's a lot of snowbirds out here, a lot of Canadians, and I definitely feel the support.

Q. So we can expect you to shoot 59 this week like Adam did?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I hope so. Maybe tomorrow.

CHRISTINA LANCE: I've got another question or two for you. Only one Canadian actually has won here, and that that was Sandra Post back in the 70s before it was a major. What would it mean to you to add your name to Sandra's as a Canadian winner here at Mission Hills?

BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, every time I walk on to 18 and I read all those names, it's amazing. Sandra Post is there, but there's so many incredible people that have won in the past. And to have my name up there would be a dream come true.

I think for everybody in the field when they walk on to 18 and they see Poppy's Pond, they see Dinah Shore's statue, they see all those names right there; they are hoping to get it there, too.

I think going into this week, nobody is going to give it up easily. It's going to be a fight and you're going to have to shoot really low scores, and I'm excited for the chance to do that.

CHRISTINA LANCE: I looked at Google Maps, and I looked up Smiths Falls, Ontario, and it was lush and green around it as you could possible get on Google Maps, which about as 100 percent opposite as what's around here. What's it like; I know you travel the world with playing golf, but what's it like to come someplace like this that's just so different from what you grew up with and what you've known?

BROOKE HENDERSON: These mountains, and even the desert right around the golf course, is incredible. The first time I saw it, I could hardly believe it. And now I'm kind of getting used to it a little bit more; I've been here a few times. It's so beautiful, and seeing the snow when it's like a hundred degrees out here, is also cool.

I think seeing that snow kind of reminds me of home, and hopefully that gives me a little bit of home-field advantage.

CHRISTINA LANCE: You also mentioned a couple years ago when you came as an amateur and that experience, and we of course have the amateurs in the field again this week. What do you hope that those young players take away from their week here at Mission Hills?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, I learned a lot. And I think just being able to experience the atmosphere is an amazing opportunity, and I hope they make the most of it.

You know, seeing this whole place and everything for the first time was kind of mind-blowing. Being a part of it now and being someone that has a chance to win, I think learning from those past experiences has really helped me.

CHRISTINA LANCE: Well, thank you so much. Go Canada, and we hope to see you out there this week.

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