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March 28, 2017

Jack Sock

Miami, Florida

J. SOCK/J. Donaldson

6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It was nice and convincing. You were saying the other night you really didn't know much about him. When you actually walked on court, what were your thoughts on what you had to do against him?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean, I was just going out, playing how I usually do. Obviously spoke with my team and coaches and stuff before.

Yeah, just looking to play aggressive, use my experience. Like I said on court, I was just trying to use my experience in these matches now that I've had more than a few times, use that to my advantage today.

I think his first fourth round of a Masters for sure. Didn't know how he was going to come out and feel about it. Yeah, just kind of play my I game and try to stay on top of him early. Yeah, at the end of the day, used my knowledge and experience from the past.

Q. How good did you actually feel on the court?
JACK SOCK: Felt pretty good. Feel pretty good now to get through in, you know, an hour. Go out and play some doubles this afternoon, have some fun, and get ready for tomorrow, no matter who I play.

Yeah, I was going out and taking cuts on returns. I don't think he had his best first serve serving day, but I was going to definitely step up to most second serves - like do with a lot of people, but especially today - and try to make him feel under pressure with that.

I think it paid off. In the second set he threw in some double faults at some crucial times.

Q. Obviously the more matches you win the more you're going to gain in confidence. Have you ever in your career felt as confident as you're feeling right now with two titles and this run you've had over the last two Masters 1000s?
JACK SOCK: Definitely not. I mean, yeah, the more matches you win the better you feel, the more confident you are.

But whenever you can win titles and play deep into draws -- you know, my first semi last week; back it up in a quarter so far this week; hopefully keep progressing. Yeah, physically, mentally never felt better or stronger, so just excited for the rest of the year.

Q. If Nadal wins this afternoon, sets up a rematch from a couple years ago with him for you. (Regarding French Open.) We all know your preference for clay and his as well. How do you see this match on this surface?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, he still has to play today. If he does win, I will definitely be looking forward to it, be excited for the battle.

We played in Beijing couple years ago as well. Lost in three sets. Actually had a decent amount of chances there in the third. Might have even been up a break early or had a lot of break points early in the third.

Yeah, I played in his backyard a few years ago, the French. He felt very comfortable will. I think we're both comfortable on clay or hard. Yeah, either way should be a good battle; should be fun.

I'll definitely give myself a lot more chance to win this time around than maybe I did a few years ago. I'm 24 years old now and been on tour for a while. I'm playing these matches and hoping I can win and going in believing I can win for sure.

So if he does get through, yeah, I'll be ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Is there anything in particular that you're doing in the last six months that's different, or does it really come down to confidence? Is there something that you changed? Because you are on quite a roll right now.
JACK SOCK: I mean, mentally I think it's a big part of it. I've been trying let things go that happen on court, the adversity, things that are going on. Whether a guy hits a lucky shot or crazy shot or gets on a roll and gets some momentum, just put it aside and focus on the next point in the future.

Just controlling what I can control out there. Not many of those I can control. I can't obviously control things that happen on the other side of net all the time.

Yeah, putting things aside and keeping a clear mind and just battling.

Q. Is there somebody who told you to do that? Was it something you read? You just figured that out on your own? Someone give you that advice?
JACK SOCK: Obviously my team has been telling me that for a while. It's a little bit different when you're out there and things maybe aren't going your way or something. It's easy to get frustrated. Over time and experience and years on tour, I think I've definitely helped that.

Q. Can you talk about the conditions here? How did you feel? It's been pretty hot today. I guess it wasn't earlier in the week. Do you like the conditions here? It's usually a little bit windy, humid, hot.
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean, I don't know, Indian Wells felt hotter. Definitely more humid here, but felt like 95 to 100 in Indian Wells when I was playing. I know the on-court temperatures were definitely up there.

Definitely more humid here. For sure you're going to sweat a ton and it's going to be thick in the air. Playing during the day Indian Wells and here, I think it helps me a lot. The ball gets up so much you saw on some kick serves today from me, from the other players. My forehand gets up. It's pretty lively during the day. I think it definitely helps me out a little bit.

Yeah, overall the conditions are different than Cali for sure, but I don't mind them.

Q. You're obviously really close to beating those top guys. Do you think you're ready to do it right now, or do you think you might need a little extra advice from maybe some kind of coach who really knows exactly what it takes to beat those guys?
JACK SOCK: I think it's there. I've had chances in the past against some of those guys. No, I don't think I need any more time. I think I'm ready to beat them.

I think it takes a great match obviously on my end. That's where their experience kicks in. What I'm trying to do with some of the younger guys now, they've been doing it for ten plus years now - a lot of them.

Experience definitely is an advantage for them in some of those situations were tennis-wise I think I'm definitely ready to beat them.

Q. Jack, I fully appreciate you're still in this tournament and it's a big deal over here, but if I could ask you to look ahead another week - and today officially the teams were announced for Davis Cup - thoughts about going down to Brisbane for the tie against Australia?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, I mean, I've had some thoughts about it for sure. I love representing the U.S. in every aspect any chance I can get. I think people have seen that: Rio, Hopman Cup, Davis Cup, whatever I can to represent the red, white, and blue.

Yeah, at the end of the day I'm focused this week until I'm done. Definitely excited. I love going down, being a part of a team. Always did. I grew up playing team sports.

I picked an individual one as a career, but any chance I get to be on a team I enjoy it a lot. We all get along really well. We are four very capable singles and doubles players. You see that to start the year with Sam winning Acapulco, Stevie playing good tennis, John, you know, had some chances yesterday to still be in the tournament.

We're all successful doubles players on some stages. I like our team a lot and Captain Courier is confident in our team.

So, yeah, focus on this tournament first; once we get down there, we'll all be super excited and ready to go.

Q. Carrying on the theme of the red, white, and blue, an American has not won here in a while - on the men's side anyway. I know you're really focused on other things, but is there any added incentive for an American to win this event, and how much would it mean to you to be the first American in a while to do that?
JACK SOCK: Yeah, it would be incredible. I mean, I feel like any time an American wins anything in tennis anymore it's a huge surprise or breakthrough for you guys in the media.

If I'm able to do it, awesome. For me, it's winning a Masters, it's not winning this specific tournament and trying to do for, you know, an American win something.

I love representing the U.S., like I said, in every sense. But for these type of tournaments it's an individual week for me. Trying to go out and do the best I can. Yeah, I mean, I think it was great. We've had three Americans in the fourth round here. I think the most of any country I saw.

Things are definitely headed in the right direction. Yeah, if an American is to win a tournament like this, I hope it's me.

Q. What do you think about the Final Four and South Carolina? What you have ever predicted that?
JACK SOCK: All I'll say is my bracket is in 7 millionth place out of 8 million people, so I'm not doing very well.

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