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March 26, 2017

Jon Rahm

Austin, Texas

Q. Jon, I'm standing here with you. It was a gallant performance, but you're feeling pretty bad about what happened on the 18 with the door slamming?
JON RAHM: It feels so bad because of all the work I did on the back nine to come from almost five down, to almost have a chance, it's not easy -- to have a 12-footer for birdie and maybe win the hole. When something like that happens. It's really unfortunate. I understand if I miss the shot, but it's something -- and then when it happens, it just makes you feel a little worse. It's something that I can't control. I wish it hadn't happened.

There's a lot of positive to take out of this week. I'll be sad for a couple of minutes, but then I'll be fine.

Q. Great performance this week, you're a European Tour member now, as well. Thomas Bjorn, Ryder Cup, be positive, that was a good performance this week against world No. 1. You took him to the 18th hole. You must be proud.
JON RAHM: Well, of course I'm proud. I'm really proud of what I did. I had all those great up-and-downs on the back nine. It just feels bad that it ended that way, that's not a good way to win. But obviously it was a great week. I can't complain. I'm a European Tour member. And I'm thrilled I'm going to have a chance to maybe play in the Ryder Cup.

I'll be sad in a couple of minutes, it's understandable. But after that I'll be really happy. It's all good to come.

Q. I can feel your disappointment. And the good thing, I thought you showed a lot of heart fighting back in this match.
JON RAHM: Thank you. It wasn't an easy -- I don't know what happened, it's anytime I did something, if it could go wrong, it just went wrong. Besides that break on No. 5, after that, besides that, the front nine was just a disaster. Luckily for me DJ missed a couple of shots on 9 and 10. I made a good par on 9, great up and down on 10. And that got me going pretty good. Too bad on 12.

On 13 I said, that's it. No more complaining. No more whining, let's just get it done and almost did. Made a great birdie there on 15 and 16. I tried to hang on as much as I could. It's just golf. It won't be the first or the last time. And I'm sure some day I'll be back here maybe on top.

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