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March 25, 2017

Soren Kjeldsen

Austin, Texas

Q. I imagine the ball striking was the difference today for you?
SOREN KJELDSEN: Well, I think all three rounds that I've played, I've played nicely all around really. I think my long game is good. I think my short game is nice. Again today I thought I managed to make the putts at the right time. I just played very, very solid so it was nice.

Q. Did the rest yesterday help?
SOREN KJELDSEN: Yeah, I certainly felt pretty fresh today. We had a good day yesterday and had a lot of fun. Like I said the other day, we just hope everything is okay with Gary Woodland and his family.

Q. You face Jon Rahm in the quarterfinals. Your thoughts on facing Jon?
SOREN KJELDSEN: This tournament, you are going to play world class golfers every match. What I've done well so far is I've concentrated on my own game and I've played really well. So I need to do the same this afternoon.

Q. Tell us about this morning. Another good day on the course.
SOREN KJELDSEN: Got off to a really good start. Got into a nice rhythm again. I felt like I -- every match you have to start over. I managed to do that. You start from scratch again. I started nicely with that putt on the first. I got into that good rhythm. After that it was nice today. I played solid.

Q. We saw you on the back nine making sure your boys are okay. You are not only playing golf, you are being the dad as well?
SOREN KJELDSEN: We've had such a good time. It's great to have them with me. I think it helps me to keep relaxed and probably helps to keep perspective a little bit as well. We've had a great time.

Q. Jon Rahm, tell us about that, please.
SOREN KJELDSEN: Every match here you play world class guys, so this afternoon is going to be no different. Jon is on a very good run at the moment. It's going to be interesting. I feel my game is good and I need to concentrate on that.

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