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March 25, 2017

Ross Fisher

Austin, Texas


Q. It looked like you weren't sure you wanted to play first there. But it worked out for you there. What a dramatic hole out?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, it's funny, I walked up there and I thought it was me to going, and the rules guy said shot links said it was Bubba's ball first. It looked like mine all day long. I kind of wanted to go first, try and knock in that close.

Q. The one you took out -- let's go back to 14. Bubba put some pressure on, making the birdie, but three fist pumps on that?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, that was big, to stay 3-up against a player with Bubba's caliber was huge. Got a good read off myself. I felt like I played solid. Bubba is a great champion. He threw everything he had at me. I came out on top and looking forward to this afternoon's golf.

Q. You've been playing solid all week long. What's been the difference for you?
ROSS FISHER: Just confidence. Didn't play great Wednesday, and things have slowly gotten better each day. And today was no different. Felt like I played really solid. I don't think I made any bogeys, and made some good putts, which you've got to do in match play.

Q. That's a magnificent way to finish a match.
ROSS FISHER: Added a bit of specialty to it. A great way to finish. It was a tough match. I knew it was going to be tough. Bubba is a major champion, class player, threw everything at me. But fortunately my game from yesterday carried on to today. Played really solid. I don't think I made any bogeys, didn't really make too many mistakes. Hopefully that will continue this afternoon.

Q. Significant moments out there when he put you under pressure?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, obviously he holed a big putt on 12 there for a half there. Had to layup on 13 and hit it in the water. Kind of made it more tough on myself, knocking it about six feet past. But him to birdie on 14 and me to knock it in on top of him. I just wanted to play down.

Q. The adrenaline is playing now. You've got to calm yourself down to prepare for this afternoon. What are you going to do?
ROSS FISHER: Get back quickly, get a quick bite to eat. Maybe a few hit a few balls, and have PT. It's going to be an English game in the semifinals. We'll have some fun.

Q. How do you bring yourself down when the emotions are so high.
ROSS FISHER: I knew it was going to be tough. Bubba is a great champion. We just had a lot of fun out there. He threw some balls at me. And fortunately around 12, 13, 14 I picked up a few holes there. I lost 12 easily. I managed to get a great half, on 13 he hits it in the water. And then hit good shots on the next. It was nice to finish.

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