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March 25, 2017

Dustin Johnson

Austin, Texas

Q. Terry was just saying you are winning in convincing fashion. How much pressure are you putting on the other player, considering how well you're playing right now?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I mean, I guess I'm putting a lot of pressure on them. But I'm just playing pretty solid golf, not making any mistakes. Hit one bad shot on 11, but Zach's didn't go in, either. So we halved the hole there. That was nice.

But other than that I played really well. Made a lot of birdies. Hit a lot of fairways. A lot of good shots into the greens. I just need to keep it in the fairways, keep hitting good shots and feel like I'm rolling the putter really well. If I can get them on the green, I feel like I can make them.

Q. I haven't seen you make many mistakes. You haven't given your opponents many opportunities to win holes.
DUSTIN JOHNSON: In match play you don't want to give any holes away. That's the big thing in match play. And I feel like I'm playing really solid and making a lot of birdies. But you're also not giving holes away. I'm playing pretty solid so it's going to be tough.

Q. You actually came into this tournament with a losing record in match play, in this tournament, specifically. Has your game matured? Have you approached it different mentally or is it a matter of experience?
DUSTIN JOHNSON: I think it has a lot to do with the golf course. I think I lost every single match at Dove Mountain. Me and the desert just don't get along very well. I liked the golf course, but didn't get along with the desert too much. I like match play, I feel like I'm a good match play player. This golf course definitely suits me a lot better and I like the golf course and I feel like my game is in good form right now.

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