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March 25, 2017

Ross Fisher

Austin, Texas

Q. You are just short of getting into the Masters, is that correct?
ROSS FISHER: I saw a few things. My manager was texting me yesterday, saying it looks like you are pretty close. You are not guaranteed. Just go out there tomorrow and forget about it. Just play golf. I just put it to the back of my mind and just concentrate on Bubba. That's all I could think about.

Q. So not only was a place in the Masters which must be secured now with this win over Bubba Watson, let's hope so, but also you have taken out one of world's greatest players. A lot to play for?
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, definitely. Again, it was another tough match. Bubba is a great player, a major champion. I had a lot of fun out there with him. Just fortunately for me, my great play from yesterday carried on. I played pretty solid. I don't think I made a bogey. Any time I lost a hole, I think it was lost to a birdie. Then there was a few pivotal moments, obviously birdieing from off the green on 11. I thought I hit a better shot, pleased to see it there. I knew it was going to pop up a little bit.

Q. You were greenside on your final hole and produced this moment of magic from the sand.
ROSS FISHER: Yeah, it's funny, the rules official said we were away, but we sort of chatted about it and it looked like it was me. I was really happy that it was me going first. I just wanted to get it in there go close and see it go in.

Q. Similar to London Club?
ROSS FISHER: That one was a little bit easier. European Open, I had a six-shot lead and I was trying to get it on the green. Hopefully that will continue.

Q. How do you feel for this afternoon?
ROSS FISHER: I feel good. Looking forward to grabbing a quick bite to eat. Change out these shoes and put some fresh ones. It's going to be fun. I played Paul back in 2009, in the semis in Tucson. He got the better of me there. Like I said in the other interview, at least there will be one Englishman in the semifinals. I'm going to try my hardest to make sure it's me.

Q. That putter was absolutely red hot especially on the back nine, wasn't it?
ROSS FISHER: It needed to be. Missed a couple of putts out there. Fortunately for me, Bubba missed a few. Then that little run from 11 to 15 was really nice. 11 got a little bit fortunate. Could have been in the water, stayed high. Knocked it for a two to gain control.

I didn't play 12 particularly well. Had a good look at birdie. I knew I needed to hole it because Bubba was three feet away. Obviously he knocks it in the water on the next. Kind of on cruise control. He drops one in on me on 14. To follow it in was great to keep a 3 up lead. Then obviously to finish holing a bunker shot was fantastic.

Q. We spoke 24 hours ago. We thought you were in the Masters. Then it looked like you had to win this one. What has that been like? We think you are in now. There might be a couple of results that still need to go your way.
ROSS FISHER: I try to put it to the back of mind at the start of the week. It felt like I did. I thought I was in after finishing second in my group. I kind of wanted to focus on playing Louis and getting past Louis. I beat Louis. Then you hear some people say, Congratulations, Fish, well done, Masters on Twitter. Then you see other people saying not quite sure if Ross is in yet. So I was trying not to pay too much attention to it. I just to go out and focus on Bubba Watson today. If I play well, and I get through, hopefully that's good enough. I still don't know if it's good enough. I look forward to playing Paul Casey this afternoon. Fingers crossed, I can get through that and hopefully that will be good enough.

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