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March 25, 2017

Alex Noren

Austin, Texas

Q. How are you able to take him down today?
ALEX NOREN: We both played pretty well, I think. I putted great. It was tough down the stretch. He played good the whole way and maybe I holed some more putts.

Q. How much are you enjoying this format compared to the normal stroke play events that you play throughout the entire year all over the world?
ALEX NOREN: I think it's amazing. Stroke play has its fun and this is definitely more, you know, head-to-head. You kind of never really -- you have to be aggressive sometimes. You have to be defensive sometimes, depending on what he does. Usually you don't really look at your opponent. You play your game. Here you have to react to what he does and stuff like that.

Q. You will play Dustin Johnson next. He has played fabulous golf this week. What will be your strategy this afternoon?
ALEX NOREN: Pretty much the same strategy as I've had all week. He probably hits it longer than I do, but this course, it's a lot to do with the wedges, the putting, the chipping. We'll see. He's a great player, obviously world No. 1. I'm looking forward to having a match against him. No expectations. See what I can do.

Q. No surprise you are in the round of 8. You are the 8 seed coming in.
ALEX NOREN: It was a very fun day. We both played pretty nice and I managed to hole some important putts. I holed everything within, I think, the eight to ten feet, which is important in match play. Especially on these greens, with the tough chipping, tough putting around the greens, some tricky long putts you can get out here. So that was important today.

Q. How did that putt not go down on 16?
ALEX NOREN: That would have been so nice. This is a tricky hole on 18. I haven't play these two holes this week. So I wanted that putt to go in on 16.

Q. You hit a great shot on 17 here. Did your strategy change when you saw Koepka was in the hazard?
ALEX NOREN: Well, from back there, you don't really see that left edge. It's not as tough as it looks from here almost. It helped me watching his ball. I knew it was a little bit in on the right. It kind of confirmed that it was. So I hit my 9-iron full out. I put a little bit of cut spin on it. It would be on the right side of the pin which I wanted it.

Q. Another match won. Tell us about this morning, please.
ALEX NOREN: It was a fun match. Great opponent and great guy. I don't know him that well. He's very nice to play against and a great player. It was pretty much we played pretty similar games. He hit a little bit farther. He played really nice shots. Maybe my putting was a little bit stronger than his today.

Q. It comes down to that, doesn't it, the putting?
ALEX NOREN: This course is tricky. You got to hit some tough chips and tough putts around here. I think it tends to come down to the putting.

Q. You are asked questions every time you play here. You have got a question about DJ. Tell us about that, please.
ALEX NOREN: It's going to be a tough match. I'm trying to play my own game and see what happens. A few birdies here and there would be nice. He's a tough opponent, obviously world No. 1. I admire his game. It's going to be a fun match.

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