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March 25, 2017

Jon Rahm

Austin, Texas

Q. Once again, so impressive. You were talking about how well you've played. How impressed are you with your game right now?
JON RAHM: Extremely. I mean, I can't describe when was the last time I played a round -- yeah, I can. Back at Torrey Pines. I would say since then I haven't played 13 holes the way I played today.

I was telling you earlier, I missed one single shot and that was the second shot on 9. I missed it just right of the green. Every other single shot I hit is pretty much exactly the way I wanted. To play golf like that and make a couple of putts was a perfect round.

Q. I thought it was impressive this morning, but it was more impressive this afternoon. Can you play any better than you play today?
JON RAHM: Not at all. The only thing I could have done better is maybe make that putt on 11 and that's about it. There's not many rounds of golf where a player looks back and says I cannot play any better and today was one of those. Last time I said that was Torrey Pines. Today it was the exact same way. I did a really good job.

Any time Soren hit a good shot, I just closed the door on him. The putt on No. 2, and from then on I just didn't make any mistakes. Never had a par putt that was jeopardizing anything besides number 2. Every other hole was birdie chances or eagle chances, like I had on No. 6. Makes it hard for Soren to keep up with something like that. If I had to play myself today, I would have been frustrated.

Q. Tell me about the shot on 6. You hit a golf shot.
JON RAHM: The first time I hit that fairway ever, which felt amazing. We've hit some good shots and stayed in the fairway finally. We thought about it, distance-wise it was a 4-iron to make sure you got to the green. You can't land it on the green. You land it to the flat and the 4-iron is probably going to go over it. It's a tricky putt. So I just landed to the left of the green, hoped I got a bounce. I hit the most flush 5-iron I could possibly hit. It went dead straight. The wind took it a little bit to the right. It just rolled to about ten feet. Soren in that position, of course it forced him to hit a good shot. Out of the rough, it went long and made it easier for me to go in the hole. I was probably the shot of the day. That shot was pretty incredible.

Q. You have been making some headlines recently with the way you've been playing. Does this take it to a whole new level what you have achieved today?
JON RAHM: I try not to think what was going on, what I'm doing. Truly to play golf the way I did all 27 holes today, it really is amazing. Not only this afternoon, but I look at the whole day. Just not many shots that I missed. I don't consider myself being a player like that. Today I just didn't miss them and I made the putts. I'm extremely proud of how I played golf today. Hopefully I can keep it going tomorrow.

Q. Soren's had some good results this week. But today it was difficult to get anywhere near you.
JON RAHM: We all know Soren's short game is amazing. He's a great putter. You know, I started off a hot start. He had a couple of mistakes. When I took a couple shot lead, I feel like I forced him to make putts to tie the hole, have a chance to tie. Mentally it was pretty draining. I would say No. 10 was the key. 4 up on that hole, just a foot farther than him. I knew he was going to make it if I missed it. I was really thinking, you know, this is the putt. Making this putt is going to determine the whole first of the round. Then I make that putt, made the bonus on 12 and luckily I got it done early. I did a good job putting pressure on him today.

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