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March 25, 2017

Bill Haas

Austin, Texas

Q. Your match with Phil was pretty tight really.
BILL HAAS: I made a couple of mistakes that he was able to capitalize on. Overall, I made a number of birdies out there that I think kept the pressure on him. When I was able to hit a decent shot, I seemed to capitalize and make the putt.

Q. You get to 15, the closing stretch, you got to make a swing, pull out a shot and that's what you did.
BILL HAAS: It was just a perfect wedge for me. Right when I made contact I knew it was going to be a decent distance. Those are the ones you want right there. It was a good feeling. Like you said, he was making a run and they could have easily gone the other way.

Q. That's a great shot. Sometimes it comes down to critical 4 or 5-footers. Here is one at 17.
BILL HAAS: I ran this putt by more than I wanted. It really felt good to make that putt. Go to 18, anything can happen. Extra holes, I think the tide would have been turned in his favor. That was a really I good putt to make.

Q. What is it like play match play events like that where basically each match is a new match? Can you feel momentum because you're looking at a different guy the next round?
BILL HAAS: I think so. I was making birdies but Jon Rahm has been making tons of birdies. Hopefully we both continue to do that and it will be an unbelievable match. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Hopefully he eats some gas station sushi tonight and maybe he's sick tomorrow.

Q. Seven birdies in his match against Phil Mickelson. How difficult was it to dispose of Phil Mickelson out there today?
BILL HAAS: I had to have my whole game today. Luckily most holes I was pretty much in play and made him have to beat me on them. That was couple that I gave him. He made an unbelievable 4 at No. 2, which after my birdie at 1 righted the ship. Overall I kept the pressure on him. The putter feels good. The times that I had a chance to make a birdie, I seemed to make it.

Q. You've had solid weeks in this championship before, obviously you're exceptional this year. Why is that in your opinion?
BILL HAAS: I'm not sure. I chipped in for par on a playoff to even be here. In theory I shouldn't even be here. We would still be saying that I was just average in this event. One chip has gotten me here. You just never know what can happen in match play. I have been on the good end of it. Anything can happen tomorrow, or next year I could feel really good and lose. That's what make this is event fun, I think.

Q. This is your seventh Dell Technologies Match Play. You are an experienced player. Does that in your mind help you going up against a 22-year-old in his first Dell Technologies Match Play?
BILL HAAS: I don't know. He's obviously made it this far just like me. He's won this year. He's had other Top-10s in World Golf events and big events. I wouldn't be surprised if the kid won a major this year. He's playing this good and obviously this week is no exception. I don't think so. I think I will try to play golf. Again, seven birdies will do tomorrow. That will help. The way he's playing, that will probably just make it a tight match.

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