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March 24, 2017

Chris Wood

Austin, Texas

Q. Took a lot of guts to come back and get in there.
CHRIS WOOD: Last year I played really nicely for three games and lost every one. That's the format, I suppose. I've been struggling this week.

We had our first child a month ago. I've been changing more nappies than hitting balls.

Q. That will change life a little bit.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, so nice to play nine holes of decent golf this week.

Q. Can you tell us about that match play because it's quite extraordinary how it went.
CHRIS WOOD: I've faced matches like that before where I got off to a bad start. It's very hard, having lost my first two games, to actually get yourself up for today. It's difficult. Certainly that's an issue with the format. But once you are out on the course, you sort of get into it, the will to win kicks in, I suppose. When you fall down after six, you are thinking I don't want to get too pumped there. Then just try and chip away. I played some lovely stuff around the turn into the back nine there. I might have been 4, 5, 6-under for the last ten holes, say. So yeah, it's good.

Q. You say it's difficult to get pumped up. It's good to go away from here with something positive, isn't it?
CHRIS WOOD: Nice to get a point on the board. I've struggled in this event over the years without really playing that badly. Last year I played lovely for three days and lost every game. So you can come away from that feeling a bit more positive even though you've lost. But this week I've not played well. Really it took six or seven, eight holes this morning really to find some proper golf.

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