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March 24, 2017

William McGirt

Austin, Texas

Q. You played so well the last three days. What do you think was really working for you that got you to advance?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I kept it in play, gave myself chances and scrambled really well. Gosh, I hit so many good putts today, I could have been four or five up at the turn, just kept burning the edge. But played solid all day. Every time I got in trouble, got it up-and-down with a good shot. Just match play for you.

Q. This is a tough format, match play. It takes some grit to be able to succeed in this format. Do you think that kind of thing helps you and how would you describe the way you go about your business in this format versus stroke play each week?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I think it helps me simply because I've always been one that's had to work for everything. I'm not the most talented guy out here. I make up for it with hard work. I put a lot of time in the last few years and I just play my game. If I were playing Rory tomorrow, I'm not going to stand up and swing any harder. I'm not going to sniff hitting it where he's hitting it. I've got to beat him with precision instead of power.

Andy and I hit it about the same, so it was kind of a decent match for us today. I'm not going to get in a bombing contest with anybody.

Q. Your ball striking seems to be right on?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I hit it pretty good. Couple of squirrelly drives on 14 and 15. All and all, it was pretty darn solid. I gave myself a lot of looks. I don't think I missed too many greens. I don't know how many times I had to chip today, a couple of times on the par-5s. But it was a very solid day. Putted really well. Even though I didn't make many, burned the edge the whole front nine.

The putt on 14 really hurt my feelings because I watched Andy's putt roll literally almost over my coin and his just fell kind of hard left across the hole at the end and came up short. I played mine a ball and you couldn't have pulled a chalk line that straight.

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