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March 23, 2017

Jim Furyk

Austin, Texas

Q. You are now leading in the group. We were talking before in the break that yesterday halving that match meant a lot more to you today as far as what you needed to do. How did that perhaps change your mentality going into the second round?
JIM FURYK: I thought about it a little bit. Obviously getting that half point is a much bigger boost than actually losing the match. I had some chances to go 1 up on 14, 15, and 16. I wasn't able to make the putts. Hideki had a putt on 18 to win the match from about six feet. When he missed and I got that half a point, that's a big boost. But also I know that Louis won his match yesterday, if I lose today I'm out of it as well. Kind of had to win my match today.

Q. You have been at this a long, long time at this event and a Presidents Cup team member and a Ryder Cup team member. How much do you enjoy this format?
JIM FURYK: I like it. I wouldn't want to do it 20 times a year. I do prefer medal play. It's a totally different mentality. Yesterday I made a six or seven on the first hole. It's only one hole. Get a birdie at 2 and we're back to all square. So it's a different mentality. I enjoy it. I think it's great for the fans, especially early in the week. You've got all these matches, all these putts. There's just so much golf to show. Not quite as exciting as March Madness on the first weekend, but it's got that feel.

Q. When your group was drawn out on Monday night, I thought to myself that is the group that has the most potential to have any type of winner. Now after taking down an important player in Louis Oosthuizen, you are in control of this group. How are you feeling about your play?
JIM FURYK: Pretty good. Who won the other match?

Q. Ross Fisher. So you are now in control of the group.
JIM FURYK: That's good news. Obviously still a lot of hard work to go tomorrow playing against Ross. It was kind of a disappointing finish to the round yesterday. I had really a lot of opportunities on the back nine to kind of take control of the match. I wasn't able to do so. Then Hideki had a chance to win on 18. It was kind of a big boost for me that we halved the match. You have the chance to win or halve, and I was staring at a loss right in the face. When that putt didn't go it, it was kind of a boost for me. I knew there was a lot of life, but I had to go out and win my match today. Played very solid. Played better than I did yesterday. Was able to make some key putts todays especially down the stretch at 14 and 16. That's what I wasn't able to do yesterday.

Q. Given your immense experience, did you take anything to the match today knowing Oosthuizen's record in this tournament?
JIM FURYK: I didn't know his record, to be honest with you. I don't really worry about those types of things. I know Louis is a tough opponent, great ball striker. Real even keeled guy, got a great manner to play this game, to play match play. He's a great guy as well. You know you got your hands full when you are playing against him. He made some mistakes today. I didn't see Louis at his best. I was able to capitalize on those and hit some good golf shots myself.

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