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March 23, 2017

Zach Johnson

Austin, Texas

Q. Tough win today.
ZACH JOHNSON: Matt Kuchar? It was very difficult. Tough in the sense that you feel like you are hitting good shots and not getting rewarded with this wind. Putting was very difficult. Hitting a shot is one thing, but putting was extremely difficult.

It was a pretty even match, obviously. I gave him some holes, he gave me some holes. That's kind of how it went. It stinks when you have got to play a really, really good friend. At some point it's probably going to happen, I get it. Me and Matt have been tight for many years now.

Technically he's not out of it. That's the beauty of this format, this pool play. I have got to stick to what I'm doing and play another friend tomorrow, which kind of stinks.

Q. You're used to being on the same teams, Presidents Cup, Ryder Cup with Matt Kuchar. Did you have to mentally prepare differently for that?
ZACH JOHNSON: No, not necessarily. It's one of those things you never wish ill will upon anybody when they are hitting their shot, stroke or match play. When you are playing with somebody of Matt's caliber, certainly a friend like I said, you want to see him hit good shots. I think that's kind of the way you look at it. You hit a good shot, make a putt -- 16 and 17, in particular, to keep the match going, both of us. But we've got experience and that's part of it. I'm excited about tomorrow. Hopefully I've got an opportunity to get through.

Q. You are 1-up coming to the last. Were you licking your chops at all? Was that in your mind?
ZACH JOHNSON: I knew where the pin was, it was a back pin. And even if it didn't get on the green, somewhere in that bunker short and left, rolls up and rolls back down, I figure I got plenty of green to work with. See what happens. I truly didn't expect it. Now that I see -- you know what the wind is doing. It's picked up even since we teed off. I laid up yesterday so I wasn't doing that again.

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