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March 22, 2017

William McGirt

Austin, Texas

Q. Nice to start off the week with a win, obviously.
WILLIAM McGIRT: Nice to start with a win. I've got to clean up my game a little bit. It was sloppy out there at times. A win is a win. I haven't played match play in ten years. Kind of different.

I totally forgot to concede Brandt's putt on 11. He got it up there like two feet. He's like, I'll wait. I'm like, Okay. I don't even think about going, Hey, that's good. It's been so long.

It was a pretty solid day. I drove it really well today and gave myself a lot of looks. Made it easier.

Q. You mentioned the last time you played match play was in 2007. That's an interesting story.
WILLIAM McGIRT: 2007, eGolf Tour, Kisner beat me in the semifinals and I think we went 21 or 22 holes. It was an absolute slug fest. I remember texting him after we got done and I said, How in the world did you have any energy left? I couldn't even drive home. He said it was a struggle.

It's different. It's so different from what we're used to. So much more strategy is involved.

The perfect scenario is on 15. Brandt hits it over the green and we're sitting there thinking the whole time it's just a chip, pitching wedge. Watching it fly hole high, it one hops over. So we're going to play it short of the hole and still get a huge bounce, stays on the green, end up winning without having to putt. Just funny how stroke play and match play are so different.

Q. Did he say anything to you?
WILLIAM McGIRT: We were walking up the hill after he putted in. I turned around and I'm like, Sorry, bud, totally forgot we're playing match play. He was like, It's fine. No big deal. You are not used to walking over, hey, that's a good. That's a Tuesday game where you walk up and swat it back.

Q. You said you had to clean up your game. Is that kind of the weird part of match play, you win and still feel like you've got work to do?
WILLIAM McGIRT: That's what so different between match play and stroke play because with how I played today, I would have probably shot 2- or 3-under and been tied for 40th. But all that matters is that I beat the person I played. So we'll see.

Q. They say you can learn a lot about your opponent in match play. What did you learn about him?
WILLIAM McGIRT: I learned that both of us needed to tighten up our games. JT is going to have a long range session later.

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