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March 22, 2017

Kevin Na

Austin, Texas

Q. 5 and 4. Way to start out the week.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I played real solid today. Didn't make any mistakes. Applied a lot of pressure. It was one of those days that I could have played against anybody I played so well. But it was nice to get off with a win the first day.

Q. It's obviously a long week, is there any advantage to obviously finishing your matches a little early and keeping the wear and tear on your legs and body, does that help?
KEVIN NA: Definitely. It does take some energy. Not only that just mental fatigue, winning your match is a little easier, less wear on your mind. And also means you're playing that much better, too.

Q. Matthew Fitzpatrick, how did he play today?
KEVIN NA: He's a great player. He probably didn't have his "A" game. He made a couple of birdies that actually we halved two holes with a birdie. He didn't have his "A" game and I played real solid. So he just kind of got down a little bit and he started trying to press the issue a little bit. Made more mistakes.

Q. How do you like this course?
KEVIN NA: I do, I like it a lot. I did well last year, too, I won two matches and halved one. So I like it a lot.

Q. What makes a good match play course?
KEVIN NA: A lot of risk and reward. Some tight, short par-3s, where you're about going to see a lot of birdies. You don't want a boring golf course that's wide open, just hitting and killing it. There's a lot of character to the greens and the golf course.

Q. In terms of the winds and whatnot, it's kind of windy out there?
KEVIN NA: Yeah, it was windy out there. It's always windy out here. It's going to be even windier tomorrow. Wind is going to be a big factor this week.

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